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Find Love at Norris Point

We hope you enjoyed our Philadelphia Love Story and the Philadelphia Lifestyle. All of this Love was made possible by local Fishtown area contributors. The video site is Norris Point located at Norris Street and Trenton Avenue. Information about this spectacular new construction development in Fishtown can be found at We want to thank the staging and interior design company Voila for contributing the rooftop deck furnishings and accessories for our love story. For more information about Viola's extensive services visit The beautiful looking and delicious food was provided by one of my favorite cafes, Soup Kitchen. Soup Kitchen Cafe is located at 2146 E Susquehanna Ave. They have incredible food and are open 7 days a week. For information about Soup Kitchen Cafe, hours, and menu info, visit Also, Krispfilms, our visual storyteller, choreographed, shot and edited the video. For more information and to view the video gallery, please visit And finally, The Somers at Remax Access funded this creative project. The Somers are proud supporters of the arts, business and Real Estate in Philadelphia.

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ReStyle: From Cheap to Sleek

Cheap to Sleek from Voila Design

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Got $150? Get a New Fall Look with Voila Design’s Budget-Friendly Staging Services

Need a hand selling a home for less? Voila Design says hello to your budget this fall with their September Specials, guaranteed to spruce things up just in time for cooler temperatures.

We all know that going for a hair color change is the quickest way to shake up your style. Well, salon rats, this applies to home design as well. Snag a one-hour color consultation for $150.00 with one of the Voila coloristas will give any property a fresh feel.

Got an open house coming up? A Two-Hour ReStyle for $200.00 is the simple way to make some changes and get that property ready to show while your client is at work.

Pay some attention to those vacant properties with a Petite Home Staging for $1,200.00. This package will get you rental of furnishings and decor for living room and dining room, along with kitchen accessories and 12 digitally enhanced photographs to help sell your newly styled space.

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Are you Suffering from Chromatophobia? It’s Time for a Color Consultation.

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Who Would Sell Your Home Faster: The Man Show or Martha Stewart?

If the female of the house is taking over with too much sugar and spice and all things nice... or the confirmed bachelor pad has the house looking more like a men's locker room than a stylish flat... both can be huge turnoffs for prospective buyers touring your home.  Tone down the lilac and lace, girls. And guys, a man cave is oh so passe!

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes

Walking into a closet that is deemed a danger zone because of precariously placed stilettos can be a real problem. Sure, the female you're showing a house to will turn to her partner and declare that the closet is just PERFECT for her shoe collection. She'll already be plotting a way to line them up according to heel height.   But the guy, on the other hand, will immediately look around the room and think "Great. There's no room for my sparse belongings."  If you are an admitted Shoe Monster, consider storing your shoes with some organization - try these shoe stacking bins from the Container Store - BEFORE showing your home to prospective buyers.

Don't over-do the fluffy decorative pillows, floral patterned tableware, or dust-catching collectibles.  This isn't your grandmother's house!

Managing the Modern Man Cave

We've witnessed several styles of man caves over the years. We're all familiar with the traditional dank basement or garage with tools and broken-objects-never-fixed. Then there's the sports "lounge" with pool table and mini fridge accessorized with empty beer cans and nacho crumbs.  This also takes on the form of video game den with various controllers strewn across the floor and a shrine of energy drinks.  Well, these days, the modern man cave is a geek's technology retreat, complete with wild servers and multiple monitors, spare hard drives, blinking lights and the sound of machines lightly humming.

CB2 Cube Shelf
If this sounds like you or yours, you might try switching to wireless devices, such as a wireless keyboard and mice, or a wireless monitor, to minimize unsightly cords. Run your speakers through the wall like a high end home theater.  And as for the camera and phone accessories and the video game controllers, keep track of it all with a media rack such as the Coop Tower or the Wire Cube Shelf.

Otherwise, you're limiting the potential of your property to attract those searching for something that's beyond a bachelor pad.

[image of pillow from, image of cube shelf from CB2]

For more advice on home staging, check out the 21 Designer Tips that Sell Houses from Voila Design.

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Repurposing Works! Aunt Anna’s Headboard in its New Home

Remember Aunt Anna's colorful headboard?

We recently sold it to a fellow who was able to repurpose the headboard for a completely different look in his own home.

Amazing! It goes to show that giving antique furniture with history behind it a second life is such a smart way to save money and be environmentally conscious.

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Go Green or NO GREEN? Make a Statement!

Own a Piece of Aunt Anna’s Unique Furniture Collection


Can’t Swing a Makeover? ReStyle on the Cheap!

ReStyle on the Cheap

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The SOMERSource™ is now Live!

Here at the Somers Team, we're always trying to look our best for you. We want you, the reader, to know what our website has to offer. In the past year, we have grown so much and added new features to our home page. We hope that you find everything easy to find now that we've organized it all for you at the Here are some of the changes that we've made:

Instant Social Media Access

In the top right corner, we've placed icons for quick links to our blog, our Facebook page, and our Twitter account.  You can also access our blog by clicking on the highlighted posts in the center of the page.

Our New SOMERSource Tab

We have just launched The SOMERSource, a section on our web site created specifically to make your home buying/selling experience as easy as possible.  Inside TheSOMERSource you will find your gateway to our Value Section of preferred vendors and buying/selling tips, our Video Collection, and our new Vision Section.

A Design Section? Now That's Awesome.

We agree. The Somers Team is expanding our services by collaborating with Voila Design, an award-winning home staging/interior design/moving company,  to form a Real Estate Collective that offers everything you need when it comes to real estate. You'll find access to this information in our Vision Section.

Preferred Vendors

We established trust and relationships with a list of qualified vendors so that you can be sure you're getting the most for your money.

Ready? Set? Go!

Have a look around. Stop by our blog and say hello. See what we're tweeting about  now. Get lost in one of our videos. Welcome to the new, improved and the SOMERSource, your virtual source for virtually everything in real estate.


Sold Your Space in Record Time? Now What?

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Defining the Second Bedroom

In the second bedroom you will always find a big question lurking about:

What do you do with me?

Is it a guest bedroom? Does one claim it as an office? Does it become a closet for everything that does not have a place? In many second bedrooms, you will often find chaos, storage, and a collection of lost and unused items. Our second bedroom was waiting for an identity.

The Somers Guest Bedroom BeforeThe Somers Guest Bedroom Before

We found ourselves using it as a combination office/closet. We knew the room had plenty of potential, and so after designing our dream bedroom, we asked Voila Design what to do about that second bedroom.

While we still need a space to accommodate guests, the room will only serve that purpose a couple of times a year. The rest of the time, our goal is to have a studio where Stephanie can draw and paint. Because we have so many books, it makes sense to store them here and lends to the feel of a functional studio. Stephanie can set up her easel or sit and read, and if guests happen to stop by? They have a bed in the smartly fitted room.

We lucked out on the bookshelves, found at Ikea's as-is sale bin. We added an Asian-inspired coffee table that Voila salvaged from our storage unit. The table has stools that tuck underneath it. We now have a sense of organization and harmony in the second bedroom.

Here is the revamped second bedroom!

the somers guest bedroom

the Somers Guest Bedroom After

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