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Philadelphia Yogis Unite!


Thought Philly was all about the Phils, Eagles, and Sixers? Apparently, yoga, though not a competitive sport, is drawing another kind of crowd in Philly. At yesterday's  yoga block party, Wanderlust Festival, the Piazza and Northern Liberties welcomed yogis from all over the city. This sea of dedicated, Lululemon-clad Philadelphians may not be as notorious as our sports fans, but get used to them: Philly yogis sure know how to have a good time. There were side planks (lots of 'em), chaturangas, fresh juice samples, the city's best instructors and DJs, frozen goodies from Lil' Pop Shop, and lots of fun demos between the practices.

As fellow yogis (we like to unroll our mats at Amrita Yoga and Sculpere), we're all for more OMs in the city of Brotherly Love. Our practices give us mental clarity and help us to rehab old injuries, and we find that it's great for overall fitness.  It was amazing to see how the community has grown and to watch everyone flow through the poses in unison.  See you next time, Wanderlust, and Namaste Northern Liberties!


REMAX Access Supports PYT, the Piazza, Northern Liberties and Philly

After getting annoyed with all sorts of bashing in the media as a result of the tragic crime that occurred in the Piazza, this past week several of us from RE/MAX Access decided to make it a point to go to PYT for lunch to show our support.   Tommy Up, the owner of PYT, is a friend and fellow business owner who has been a part of the Piazza from its early days and thus a key catalyst to its success.

Like anything else, there are always growing pains.  The NLNA has scheduled a meeting next week with Tower Investments, local politicians, the DA's office and PYT to discuss the potential of having greater security at the Piazza.  The monthly NLNA meeting is a week after where neighbors can add more input.   I know in my heart that Northern Liberties will bounce back from the recent tragedy stronger than ever.  Along the way, there will be plenty of opportunistic bashing.   For example, Philadelphia Magazine has already published an article worthy of a shredder:

The Piazza at Schmidts is What's Wrong With Philadelphia - The City Deserves More

The article is an insult to every person who contributes in a meaningful way to make our city better and I would challenge the author herself to be proactive and make a difference instead of writing baseless articles.   I shared my thoughts on Philly Mag's Facebook Page but a comment on Philadelphia Speaks from Adam Lang might say it best:

Instead of being titled "The Piazza at Schmidt’s Is What’s Wrong With Philadelphia", they should have named it "This Column is What's Wrong with Philly Mag".

I will continue to show my support to PYT, the Piazza, Northern Liberties and Philadelphia daily.  Myself and the Northern Liberties Business Owners Association have also set up a happy hour at PYT on 6/22 from 5 to 7.  Come on out and join us and let's talk about those ways to make our city better.  Maybe Philly Mag will show up as well for an education on all the things that makes our city great.


Meet Your Neighbors: Bloom in Northern Liberties

Welcome to Bloom in Northern Liberties. This boutique is one of my favorites for women's apparel, jewelry, accessories, and gifts. I love shopping here. The girls who work here are beautiful and know their stuff. Their selections are unique and you won't be wearing the same clothing that all the other girls are wearing, plus, they have one of a kind jewelry that really lets you make that personal fashion statement. Trust me girls, you'll love this place! So, if you are ever in the neighborhood shopping, you must make it a point to visit Bloom at 1001 N 2nd Street in The Piazza at Suite 20, just across the walk from the renowned PYT, home of Tommy Up. Only in Northern Liberties. See you there!


Discover the Philadelphia Waterfront

Curious about the Philadelphia Waterfront? There's never been a better time to live along the Delaware River.

Waterfront Square
901 N Penn Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

This is located next to the new SugarHouse Casino site. There is an enormous amount of development planned for this side of the waterfront. Philadelphia is currently developing a piece of land just south of this high rise cluster on The Festival Pier on Deleware Ave and Spring Garden. The Race Street Pier is already a lovely walking park. On your visit to 901 N Front Street please check ot Northern Liberties, specifically the Piazza At Schmidt's marked by the HUGE Flat Screen TV and Liberties Walk in addition to the Race Street Pier.

Pier 3
3 North Columbus Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Piers 3 and 5 were once thriving ports for all kind of imported food, goods and exotic cargo. Today, to the South is Penn's Landing, famous for the site of the most amazing fireworks, the Moshulu Boat/Restaurant, the Spirit of Philadelphia Cruises, and The Philadelphia Seaport Museum. Across Columbus Boulevard is the Historic District of Old City filled with more galleries per block than any other part of Philadelphia. And let's not forget the shopping and dining and History! We recommend Old City Coffee to get your engines started, a visit to the Fireman's Museum after that, and some window shopping on North 3rd Street before lunch. You will not go hungry with all of the choices available to you (Mexican, Indian, Tapas, etc.) anywhere along Market and Chestnut.

The Residences at Dockside
717 S Columbus Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Directly across the street from Dockside is Philadelphia's renowned Queen Village, South Street, and all of the fine dining shopping and entertainment you can take in. I highly recommend checking out the Farmer's Market in Head House Square, grabbing lunch at Famous 4th Street Delicatessen (expect to bring back a doggie bag!), and walk it off along South Street while you do some shopping and people watching.


The Future Looks Bright for the Festival Pier

Reclaiming Philadelphia’s Waterfront

The New Race Street Pier Brings Energy to Philadelphia



Sunday OUT and Erection Up! The Tower on Second Street.

Only at the Piazza! "Every day is an adventure," Bart Blatstein said to us last night as we watched the engineer weld the last piece of steel on the base of the Tower that now stands on North 2nd Street in Northern Liberties.

"This was just a thought in my head a few weeks ago."

With a creative mind and seemingly endless resources, Blatstein managed to salvage a 15,000 pound steel structure that once peered over the Piazza from the roof top of one of Tower Investment's properties on Hancock Street. "This will be a great meeting place for people," Blatstein explained to us. "Meet you at the Tower!" he said, with a sense of knowing that, that is exactly what people will do and say. "This is going to be an organic type of installation, ever changing, perhaps we'll add some greenery, a solar powered wind mill..."

I could see the sparkle in Bart's eyes as the possibilities for this Steel Tower began to reel though his mind. "I think it is important to salvage things. It is a reminder of the past. I think that is important. People should remember."  We listened intently trying to gain some insight from Mr. Blatstein. Sadly, we were interrupted by a call on Blatstein's cell and we headed home. Today the Tower stands strong much like those folks who are attending this Sunday Out!

What do you think? Got any fun nicknames for the Tower?


A Peek Inside Bloom in Northern Liberties

In Northern Liberties, stylish boutiques often pop up out of nowhere. The owners are always happy to see you, the windows are full of things you can't help but look at, and there's often an opening party with a sweet discount.

Sigh. That's why life here is really, really, really good.

Enter Bloom in the Piazza, and you'll see what we mean.  This clothing boutique has everything from those hyper-trendy faux leopard capelets you've been seeing on all of the fashion blogs, to the edgy black standbys that you need to pull off the occasional racy look.  There are cold-weather accessories to bundle up with in case you ventured outside without that esssential hat or gloves, and a smart selection of bags  to pack that second change of clothes or to stash your iPad in.

This is the second location for Bloom, which currently has a shop located in Newark. It fits in perfectly in the neighborhood of Northern Liberties, and the new store has the feel of an art studio and a fashion geek's closet at the same time.

The official opening is this Friday, November 12, from 6 - 10pm, and Bloom will celebrate with wine, beer, and 10% off purchases of $40 or more with the store flyer.

1001 N. Hancock St, Suite 20


Stay Sharp in Northern Liberties

They say that showing up is half the battle.  Well, that's usually correct, but we'd like to amend that to: showing up with good hair is half the battle.  You know that feeling you have after you walk out of the barber shop or salon with an amazing style? You feel on top of things all day, you hold your head a little higher, and overall, you just feel confident, fresh, and ready to take on anything.

That's the power of a new haircut.  And whether you're an agent or not, feeling like a rockstar translates directly into what you do.

Which brings us to the opening of a new barber shop/general store  in Northern Liberties. The Duke Barber Co. will be opening soon at Unit 77 in the Piazza and if the logo (left) is any indication, this place will be sharp.

Do you have a favorite salon in Philadelphia?


Pie. Pets. The Piazza. The Piazza Farmers Market 1st Annual Fall Festival.

Fans of fall will be out in full force on Saturday, October 9th for the Piazza Farmers Market 1st Annual Fall Festival,  from 10am-2pm. How do we celebrate the crisp weather and colorful squash selections? With a Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest (no utensils!) sponsored by Darling's Diner, a Children's Pumpkin Decorating Contest sponsored by Fiona's Fairies, a Pet Costume Contest sponsored by Chic Petique and live music by Trolley Stop.

The Pie Eating Contest will be held at noon and you can sign up to compete in person at Darling's. The winner will receive dinner and drinks for two at the Diner. First come, first serve for the field of 10!


The Darling’s Diner Story: The Cheesecake was Born


5 Things To Do in Northern Liberties Before Meeting Twilight Star Jackson Rathbone

Twilight EclipseThe Twilight Saga: Eclipse hits theaters on June 30, and we can't think of a better place to be than an ice-cold movie theater.

Except maybe the Piazza at Schmidts for Twilight star Jackson Rathbone on Saturday, June 26. Philadelphia is one of the lucky cities to host Twilight Night right here in Northern Liberties.

Rathbone plays Jasper, one of brooding Edward's adopted brothers in the hit saga that has teens (and adults, too) everywhere fang-obsessed. The actor will also star in M. Night Shyamalan's upcoming The Last Airbender.

Starting at 6 pm, the free event will begin, with a Q&A with Rathbone set for 7:30 pm, and a showing of Twilight: New Moon at 8 pm.  So if you notice a bunch of fans camping out in the Piazza early on Saturday, don't question it.

For those attending and making a day of it, here are some activities to get you in the mood.

  • Rathbone has three tattoos, so you could head over to Northern Liberties Tattoo at 823 N. 2nd Street and get the most obsessive Twilighters ink you can think of.
  • Nana Petrillo's has opened in the Piazza and after scoping out the Capogiro Gelato flavor list, we can tell you that vampiest picks are the Amarena (a fior di latte base with sour cherries) and the Rabarbaro (rhubarb sorbetto).  Sticky and sweet...
  • Order a pitcher of red sangria at Bar Ferdinand in Liberties Walk. Nobody will think you're a cheesy fan, they'll just think you have good taste.
  • Have your makeup done at Tenshi Beauty Bar in the Piazza.  They can nail the pale complexion and look of longing.


What the Piazza Needs Now: Capogiro Gelato

Now Open in the Piazza at Schmidts: Tenshi Beauty Bar


There’s a Phanatic in the Piazza

The 20th Phillie Phanatic will be placed in the Piazza on Monday. Each 100-pound, fiberglass status, painted by local artists, will be on display through August 2010.  They have been placed throughout the city at locations like Love Park, Franklin Square, and Independence Visitor Center, so we're honored that the Piazza is being chosen as one of the public art venues. You can view the statue map here - maybe have your picture taken at all of them if you're a true phanatic.  Since the Piazza is one of the prime Phils-watchin spots, we think he'll enjoy his time here in Northern Liberties.

So what does our green guy look like? Built like a brick comes to mind.  Welcome home, Phanatic #20.

Phillie Phanatic

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