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The Flea is Invading Philly!

13872_365117086930905_39928538_nThe Brooklyn Flea, that is. The beloved market/craft sale/food fair is set to debut 100+ vendors at the Piazza in Northern Liberties this summer. Every Sunday, starting June 2nd, from 10am-5pm, you can shop antiques, vintage clothing, jewelry, art, and crafts, and taste delicious food, from a mix of local AND Brooklyn-based vendors.  Racked Philly has a look at what to add to your shopping list, from vintage martini glasses to Turkish cotton towels to a 1920s beaded dress. Bring cash (not all vendors will take cards) and your appetite - this is likely to be your new summer shopping destination.

[image via Brooklyn Flea]


Crazy for Cupcakes? Hit up Cupcake Smash in Northern Liberties!

 Cupcake Smash 2012 is on! The annual cupcakes-for-a-cause challenge brought to you by Philabundance is taking over PYT in the Piazza at Schmidts on Saturday, April 28th. This year, both amateur and professional bakers will be asked to draw inspiration from the PYT menu when creating their unique cupcakes.  Dare to compete? Contact Cupcake Coordinator Melissa Mae at  [email protected] for more details.



  • the sounds of DJ Jay Yo on the ones and twos
  • a tasting of over a dozen PYT-inspired cupcakes
  • complimentary beverages from Pabst Blue Ribbon, FUZE, and St-Germain Liqueur
  • live painting by the Root 222 Crew
  • delicious eats from some of The Piazza’s outdoor market vendors
  • and many more surprises in store for the festivities…

Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door, and you can purchase them here. Last year's event sold out, so get 'em quick!

[image via Philabundance]


Interview with a Psychic

We have seen a lot of businesses come and go in the Piazza and Liberties Walk. And believe it or not, that's a very good thing. In the words of Matt Ruben, the NLNA President, the Piazza and Liberties Walk in Northern Liberties is like an"incubator for business". Where else can an entrepreneur get a chance to give it a whirl, regardless of failure or success, to at least try? It's too bad we don't all have a crystal ball to give us a little perspective on what lies ahead on our path. Or do we?

My curiosity got the best of me this weekend as I walked toward the woman opening the doors of the newest business now inhabiting the former Amberella Gallery. Psychic Readings by Roxanne, specializing in Palm, Tarot, and Psychic Readings. I walked over to the mysterious woman dressed in black as she opened the store, adjacent to PYT restaurant and bar. I absolutely had to know what went on behind those heavy curtains of the storefront.  I'd never had a psychic reading before.

I introduced myself and discovered that this is a mother and daughter team run by Madonna and Roxanne. Madonna was a cautious but extremely kind olive-skinned woman - very much what I would want in a Psychic, if I were to have one.. She agreed to answer some of my questions that I would share on our blog. So here's what she had to say...

Who do you think needs a Psychic, Madonna?

"The people we best serve are those who are feeling stuck or stagnant in their lives, or those who feel as though they may lack inspiration or motivation."

Is this something you were born with or did you learn how to be a Psychic?

"The gift was passed down to me through our family and my daughter Roxanne and I must meditate daily to maintain the gift. We have been doing this since we were children."

Pardon me for sounding naive, but do you see dead people?

She laughs. "No, not really like that. I see Auras. My gift is to read people's Auras, like reading their energy. But if the spirit of the deceased is there and it is appropriate, I can communicate the message. Messages come to me in whispers and through my quiet inner voice."

Can you tell me about the difference between Palm Reading, Tarot Cards, and Psychic Readings?

"The Palm is a map and as I read the map I also read the Aura. The Aura tells me about the person. An Aura has color and shape all of which has a meaning that I interpret. The Tarot on the other hand connects to a Spiritual Force also like a map but with spiritual connection. I read the Tarot cards and the Aura together. The answers are in the Aura of the individual. With a Psychic Reading, it is imperative that I hold or touch a personal item for the client such as a piece of jewelry, keys, something made from metal or stone that holds the energy of a person."

I learned a lot by speaking to Madonna. As I said goodbye to her she stopped me and asked me if I wanted to experience a Tarot Reading. I admit that I was slightly spooked about the whole thing. She said she really wanted to give this to me so I accepted her gracious gift.  I sat behind the heavy curtain in a comfy leather chair as I split the Tarot deck. She began to lay down the cards that were to expose the inner secrets that my Aura would reveal!

Madonna and Roxanne own two other thriving Psychic businesses, one on 521 South Street and the other at 238 South Street. Many of their clients now visit the new location at the Piazza.


Reinvented for the Third Time

Heck, If Lady Gaga can re-invent herself daily, then so can a restaurant. Apollinare is under new management!

Last weekend during the kick-off of Philly Beer Week, the pizza, salads, and beer were flowing at the reinvented-for-the-third-time restaurant in the Piazza. We knew something was brewing other than beer this past weekend when we saw so many people packed in, lines waiting to get in, and music pumping through the open doors. We don't know the new name but Brian Nagle has taken on this amazing location. Brian is a local guy. He owns Philly 2night which is an event-oriented PR company known for Social Index and Eventful.

All we know is we welcome the new management, and we are looking forward to that location becoming a great success for them. Keep it real and delicious, Brian!!!  Oh, and, by the way, we are always open to food tastings!


Two New Additions Bring Fresh Pasta to Philly Neighborhoods

Changes Ahead for Vino at the Piazza


Adult Entertainment that is Hot and Wet

Blame that catchy title on the mojitos, the warm temperature, or the fact that we have a touch of swim club fever and our YouTube Video Channel reflects it.   Now that Northern Liberties has an adults-only pool club that is a few steps from our office at the Piazza we are starting to think it was pretty much inevitable that we'd become members. So go on and have a peek at our latest videos and subscribe to our channel - which currently feels very much like MTV Spring Break meets the Real Housewives of Miami but way better because it's Philly-style.

Let's kick off this summer with a recap of Friday the 13th's Arrow Swim Club Grand Opening and with a peek at Chenango Restaurant next door.

We want to know what you think? Will you join?

See you at the Swim Club...!


Arrow Swim Club Takes a Cue from Crystal Lake for Friday the 13th


Arrow Swim Club Takes a Cue from Crystal Lake for Friday the 13th

Does this sound familiar?

A group of young adults discover a boarded up Swim Club, I mean campground. Remember legendary Crystal Lake where the unsuspecting innocents soon encounter Jason the psycho-slasher sporting a creepy hockey mask? This classic thriller was made famous on the eve of Friday the 13th.  Will Arrow Swim Club succumb to the mystic lore that Friday the13th holds? Will Jason make a guest appearance? Is Arrow built over an Indian burial ground? The answers to these questions and more...

Sneak Peek at Arrow Swim Club, Friday the 13th, 6-9pm if you dare.

For those less daring or not invited, they can attend a private tour on Saturday the 14th, 12-4pm.


Will Arrow Swim Club Hit its Target?

Hancock Street Turns into Margaritaville for Cinco de Mayo Block Party

Arrow Swim Club: We’re There.



Will Arrow Swim Club Hit its Target?

The recent cancellation of the Cinco de Mayo event at the posh private swim club heightens the intrigue for local Philadelphians and creates more of a question in people's minds. Will Arrow Swim Club Hit its Target? Will further delays slow the membership needed to run the exclusive club?

We have been tracking progress as contractors feverishly work toward meeting the opening date of May 15th. But the sudden cancellation of the Cinco de Mayo Party has Northern Liberties neighbors and current Arrow Club Members a little nervous. The reason for the cancellation was "weather" but that excuse is LAME! A little rain never hurt anyone. It's a swim club built around WATER. Is there more to it than meets the eye?

In the shadow of the empty supermarket space that was to be a Pathmark, many Northern Liberties neighbors look with a doubtful eye on Arrow's success. Will Arrow Swim Club hit its target? What do you think?


Hancock Street Turns into Margaritaville for Cinco de Mayo Block Party

Arrow Swim Club: We’re There.


A Green Carpet Event in Northern Liberties

In the spirit of all things green, we thought we'd mention the Green Carpet Event from the Junior League of Philadelphia, to be held in the Piazza on April 2. To purchase tickets, please follow this link.

Fashion Show featuring the latest designs from:

  • Arcadia Boutique
  • Priscilla of Boston
  • Lilly Pulitzer
  • The Junior League
    Thrift Shop
  • Whitney Eve
  • Onassic Clothing LLC
  • Sagets Mens
    Formal Wear

April 2, 2011

The Piazza at Schmidts
1050 North Hancock Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

7:00 - 10:30 p.m.

The Junior League of Philadelphia, Inc. will host its first annual Green Carpet Event:
an eco-friendly fashion show featuring the latest fashion trends!

Proceeds will support our signature focus, Project GREEN: Using Nature to Nurture.


The Rundown at Gunners Run

Ever so curious about the newest bar in Northern Liberties, we popped into  Gunners Run last night. What we found was some tasty calamari and salad and a crowd that was happy to see the place open.

Gunners Run will have serving rights that extend 40 feet into the Piazza's courtyard in front of the big screen, just in time for baseball season. Look for "deuces" (two-seaters) outside on the 2nd Street entrance.

We're excited for a strong addition to the neighborhood. Welcome, Gunners Run!


Gunners Run Soft Opens Tonight


Gunners Run Soft Opens Tonight

While we were sad to see Swift Half shutter its doors in Northern Liberties, tonight marks the beginning of a new venture in its place.

Gunners Run is the new bar set to open in the  Piazza. Tonight is a soft opening, but the full menu from Chef Shawn Sollberger is currently online at  The Insider. Just some of the details to look forward to: 10 beers on tap,  a communal table Blood Mary Bar on weekends, and live music coming soon.

Oh yeah, and you might even see us there!  It's just a few steps from our office...

Gunners Run
1001 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA
Open every day 11:30 AM til 2:00 AM
Starting in mid-March 2011


One Final Pint at Swift Half Pub


Phone: 215.253.6818