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Murals Suck! Let’s Hear it for the Mural Haters!

Murals Suck? Umm... Really?

I suppose the same people who think murals suck also hate puppies and ice cream, too (the allergic and lactose intolerant excluded, of course).

Wondering who would say that? Well apparently there are a few Philadelphia neighbors who have their panties in a ruffle over the murals popping up in the city. The two most recent murals that have caught some flack are the new mural at the Bodine High School and a mosaic led by the renowned artist Isaiah Zagar. This post over at Plan Philly asks if Philadelphia is suffering from "mural fatigue".

I suppose I have to give credit to the Mural Haters for sticking up for their opinions. Just because their sentiment is not popular does not mean they are not entitled to express their dissatisfaction. And come to think of it, I suppose if I dig deep and get honest with myself, I might be getting a little bored of the pretty flowers and swirly designs painted on every blank wall and wooden fence in the city.

But when it comes right down to it, it sure beats looking at a cement wall. I'm curious. What are your favorite or most hated murals in Philly?

Here are a few that I'll never tire of looking at:

Bar Ferdinand in Northern Liberties

Union Trust Parking Lot

Lehigh between Aramingo and Frankford Ave in "Fishington"



How Philly Moves: A Moving Tribute to Philadelphia Dancers

How Philly Moves

Design concept by JJ Tiziou. (c) City of Phil

Do you remember what the current parking garages at the Philadelphia International Airport look like?

No, why would you? It's the same bland structure you'd find at most airports. How Philly Moves, a project from the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, aims to change that. They want to add 50,000 square feet of photographic work from West Philly artist Jacques-Jean “JJ” Tiziou to the garage. This would liven up the scene for over 32 million national and international travelers that pass by each year. For the half-mile-long stretch, Tiziou will choose images of dancing figures. He has photographed over 70 subjects so far, from amateur to professional, and will shoot another 60 dancers next month at the Painted Bride Art Center. Do you like to dance? Submit an application for your chance to be a part of the final design.

So how does Philadelphia move? Quite differently. From one neighborhood to the next, we find wide varieties of dancing. In Fishtown, we have the Philadelphia Argentine Tango School, then we have the West African dance and drumming clubs in West Philadelphia. There's the Indigenous Pitch Dance Collective who combine many homegrown styles of dance, and the Kun Yang Lin dance company in South Philly, that bring Eastern Asian influence to Western contemporary dance style. We have hoop dancers and burlesque troupes, crowds of swaying bodies at dance parties, and the movement in the streets during rush hour. We know that Tiziou will capture some of this and make coming home from the airport a better experience.


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