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Occupy Philly Movement. A Photo Documentary.

Here is our latest photo footage of the Occupy Philly movement. Following their Wednesday eviction from City Hall, Occupy plans on marching from City Hall to Independence Hall at 2 p.m. today. According to this article,  the eight week demonstration has cost the city an estimated $1,052,000, most of which was spent on police overtime. 

What are your thoughts?

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Why is Occupy Philly Censoring on Facebook?

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Real Estate Negotiation – What We Can Learn from the “Super” Committee and Occupy Philly

I love to negotiate.  I love to sell real estate.  Day or night.  Weekday or weekend.  It is what I do.  And I am one of the best in Philadelphia.  It is a skill.  Part of that skill is to know when to stop and to know when to recommend a deal to your buyer or seller client and NOT TO OVER-NEGOTIATE.  That is when it becomes an art.  And that is when you become a true deal-maker.  Over-negotiation can be a deal-killer.

Philadelphia Real Estate Negotiation

Two recent examples outside of real estate that come to light where it puts things into perspective are:

  1. The "Super" Committee
  2. Occupy Philly

The "Super" Committee

Here is a case where twelve politicians clearly tried to over-negotiate from Day 1 refusing to back down on anything or compromise on points that could have brought a deal together.  Clearly, there were a lot of options that both sides could have compromised on that a deal could have been crafted, but beliefs, politics and plain old being stubborn got in the way.  When this happens, it is a detriment to both sides (and to the country as a whole).  We already can see the after-effects in the stock market in the last week since the debacle and there will be more ripples to come.  In my view, all twelve of these "politicians" are on my "wall of shame" but that is another story.  The point here of the blog is that over-negotiation gets you nowhere!

Occupy Philly

Same with Occupy Philly.  They held firm with the City of Philadelphia with their stance "We will not leave Dilworth Plaza." That stance and over-negotiation lost them leverage to work out a deal over the last several weeks to have both a better plan of an alternative site as well as logistics of overnight privileges.  Now they are left with very little options besides going across the street but with no tents and no overnight options.  At the most recent General Assembly (November 25th), it was utter chaos with Occupy Philly split in several different groups, in complete disarray, no direction, and being completely lost with their direction.  It all gets back to over negotiation several weeks ago.  And what gets me is that they have been so obsessed about this negotiation with the city that their movement has lost its original foundation and message, but again I digress... And I am still pissed from being censored on their Facebook page, which does not allow civil discussion.

Real Estate

I am sure everyone can relate to this story.   I can guarantee this happens all over the country every week.  It happened to one of our sellers about two months ago.  An offer came in on their property.  Instead of being happy like most sellers, they were agitated by the sales price and held firm on their listing price.  We were able to negotiate the offer where it was only $5K from their listing price.  Here was their chance to get it sold!  Nope...they just did a reduction.  Holding firm!!!!!   I strongly recommended to take the deal and said that they were "over-negotiating and reminded them it was a buyers market.  My recommendation was not heard.  We did not hear from the buyers agent for a few days.  Sellers call a few days later, "Okay, Chris, we will take it."  We follow up with the buyers agent "Buyer found another property".

Conclusion:   Be careful of over-negotiation.  AND, listen to your Realtor!

What are your thoughts?  And by the way, please subscribe to our blog!


Why is Occupy Philly Censoring on Facebook?

It came to my surprise today that my comments were deleted from Occupy Philly Facebook's page. And needless to say, I am unable to make any new comments. I noticed when I went to the page, I had to "relike" the page. What I find very surprising here is that this was supposed to be a movement that prides itself on the Freedom of Speech and democracy, NOT censorship, exclusion and a form of big brother!

Occupy Philly - Censoring on Facebook

Yes, I have been both a supporter and a critic of Occupy Philly. I have written several blogs about the movement and have kept active on all the recent news. None of the comments were obscene. But what is going on here is whoever is moderating the Facebook page might see something they do not like, and simply delete a user instead of allowing additional discussion which goes against everything the Occupy movement stands for.

I am asking for a public apology from Occupy Philly about their censorship of Facebook. And if they reinstate my account for discussion, that is up to them. Either way, I am getting fed up with it.

What are your thoughts?


Occupy Philly – An Interview with Occupy Protesters

As our blog readers know, we have been keeping up with the Occupy Philly movement.  We are thrilled that the movement is raising awareness across the country and even nationally in regards to the state of the economy, the lack of jobs, government bailouts and the list goes on and on.   To hear directly from Occupy folks themselves, I interviewed Derek and Natalie at City Hall to get their views and opinions.  It sounds like they are here to stay for as long as it takes!


Moving forward, if the Occupy movement goes into Christmas, the City of Philadelphia will have some tough choices:

1. How will they continue to fund the police presence?

2. How will they politely move the Occupy folks if they want to begin construction for an ice skating rink?

In addition, with the unfortunate reality that "the demands" will not be met quickly or maybe not be met at all, how long will these protesters be camping out? The risk I see is that the Occupy Movement is going after so many topics (curfew, police brutality) that the overall message will be diluted. And when the faceless movement at some point has leaders going in so many directions, credibility can be lost in an instant, especially as soon as the past of some of those folks are identified. It will be interesting how this plays out.

In the meantime, I say thank you to the Occupy folks for raising the awareness around the country and to Derek and Natalie for doing this interview!

What are your thoughts?

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Occupy Philly – Topic of Councilmen Candidates Debate

It was interesting when I was at the WHYY sponsored debate that the very first question was how did each candidate think that Mayor Michael Nutter was handling Occupy Philly? The fact that this movement has grown so fast and created so much awareness and chatter to be the very question of this debate I found to be quite remarkable.   Whether it is what voters are interested in, I am not sure.  But it certainly is relevant for today, right now as this could go on for quite some time...

Below is the video (by the way, I was scolded for taking, why I am not sure) of each candidate's response.  For full disclosure, I was not there supporting any one candidate.  In regards to the video,  I missed the first responses of David Oh and Micheal Untermeyer.  For the narrative update, also check out the Philly Now Blog .

What is your opinion of the candidate's response?

Or the occupy movement in general?

How long should they be allowed to stay at City Hall?

Prior Post

Occupy Philly - Ignorant Americans or Americans Against Ignorance and Greed?


Occupy Philly – Ignorant Americans or Americans Against Ignorance and Greed?

I originally had mixed feelings about Occupy Philly and Occupy Wall Street, or to be honest, I was negative about it.  I mean I kept thinking to myself the protesters have it wrong, they should be protesting against Congress and Capitol Hill instead of big banks and corporations!   So as usual, I am bantering on my Facebook and Twitter and have some threads that go 70 plus comments long with some very interesting discussion.   It really gets me thinking - who are these "protesters" and who am I to say what the protesters should be protesting against??  So  inspiration grows to the point where I clear my schedule, and my assistant Mary and I hail a cab down to City Hall to check things out.

And the big difference is when you substitute people versus ideas in your own head, your perspective changes a little bit (or a lot).  I must be honest, I was originally thinking on my way down I was going to take a photo or a video of one or two "freaks" to mock the whole thing and dismiss it.  I saw later that is what Erin Burnett of CNN  (Erin Burnett video) did and I think she missed the whole point of this movement (on a side note, I loved Erin when she was on CNBC, but I think her CNN show will not last more than 6 months).   When I was down at City Hall, the energy was palpable, intensity was in folks' eyes, and signs were everywhere expressing individual beliefs.   You could feel the unrest, frustration and anger by listening to the stories of everyone there.

Various chants of democracy were shouted out from time to time and the unity would come together in full circle.  It did not matter what race, sex, age you were.  People united in Philadelphia and are coming together all over the country sharing the same message of frustration and discontent.  The bottom line is that there is this huge underbelly of Americans who are disgusted with the way the country is being run - their anger may be towards corporations and bailouts or towards the political system.  But for heavens sake, it is America and folks have the right to express themselves.  I hope their message is heard by politicians from coast to coast.  Neither Republicans nor Democrats really know what to do with these rallies as of yet, whether to embrace the "99 percent" or not.

And not for nothing, I am frustrated too.  I have been mostly frustrated for the last 3 years with the tremendous gridlock in Washington, DC and with the political games that have been played that in essence has hurt our country.  In the last 12 months, there has been severe wealth destruction in the stock market, especially in the last quarter which was the worst performing quarter since 2008 during the financial crisis.   Hard working Americans have seen their largest assets - their 401ks and their houses depreciate.   And Congress refuses to come up with a meaningful plan that will incentivize small businesses and the private sector to hire.  Until the economy starts to grow, there will continue to be this unrest and frustration.  And the biggest issue in my opinion is the fiscal policy coming out of Congress and the Obama Administration and the excessive regulation that is handcuffing corporations to grow.  Those same corporations that people hate now they will love again once they are hiring and providing nice benefit packages.  I guess that is the love/hate relationships of capitalism.

In the meantime, there needs to be immediate stimulus for the housing market.  I will write about this in a future article.

For now, I want to say thank you to the folks who started the "Occupy" movement.  And I want to say "Thank You" to my Facebook friends for starting a healthy debate.   It is a lot different from being behind a computer and saying things in a quick instant versus talking to people face-to-face and seeing pain, frustration and anger in their eyes.   I remember in 1990 (man I am old) when I graduated from college... it was pretty tough back then, it took me awhile to find a job even with a CPA license.  I think it is much harder now for college graduates today.   And to come out of college with debt and student loans only to struggle finding a well paying job has to suck.  Period!!

If you have not had a chance to march around City Hall or participate in this movement, why not?  Engage.  I was skeptical.  Yes, the message is garbled, scattered.   So what...  Obviously, the country has problems and Congress is a hell of a lot more scattered and they are getting paid a lot of money with lifetime health-care benefits.   Sucks to be them...   Now get the F*Ing job done!

 What are your thoughts ?

Let's leave off on this classic Green Day song "American Idiot" , all 99 percent of us!

Green Day - American Idiot by Warner-Music


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