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E-Waste is Back at NLNA Community Center!

NLNA 2013E-Waste AD LO1

Got E-Waste? Gather up your old electronics, printers, computers, etc. and bring them to the NLNA Community Center on the NW corner of 3rd & Fairmount on Saturday, October 5th from 10 am - 1 pm.  The NLNA suggests a small donation to defray the cost of disposal, which will also go towards more Clean and Green efforts in Northern Liberties. No TVs or large appliances such as refrigerators and ovens.

Questions?  Interested in helping out on the day?
Contact Rick Angeli, [email protected]


Save the Date: 2nd Street Festival in Northern Liberties on August 4th

2SF SaveDate PC frnt FNL OutlnsSave the date! Our favorite festival of the year to celebrate the Northern Liberties community is back at it next Sunday, August 4th. This year's 2nd Street Festival promises plenty of local music on four stages, food, beer gardens, childrens programs, workshops, and green initiatives set up along 2nd Street from Green to Germantown Streets.

What's new this year? The event is free as always, but there will be a "Friends of 2nd Street" ticket option that includes open bar access with food, a meet-and-greet with headlining artists, a special VIP viewing tent, a 2nd Street Goody Bag, and more.

Tickets are on-sale via Philadelphia Folksong Society’s website and on the 2nd Street Festival Facebook page. All proceeds benefit PFS and The Northern Liberties Neighborhood Association who help make the Festival possible.

For more information on 2ND STREET FESTIVAL or to purchase your VIP “Friend of 2nd Street” ticket, visit or call 1-800-556-FOLK. Twitter @2ndStreetFestival

Check out the line-up!

The Low Anthem
Denison Witmer
The Bailey Hounds
Brad Hinton Band
Angela Shiek
On the Water
Kala Jojo
Laser Background
Sierra Hurtt
Ensemble Novo
Banned Books
Blayer Pointdujour & the Rockers Galore
Uptown Tone
The Outside Eyes
Jams with John Fuhr and Friends
Philly School of Rock
Weird Hot


Flea Market & Music Fest at Liberty Lands Park this Weekend

NLMF13-1PosterHead over to Liberty Lands Flea Market & Music Fest on Saturday, June 8th for a good time that will last all day. It all starts at 9am, with the semi-annual flea market in the park, with music starting later in the afternoon. Show up early for some treasures, then come back for the tunes. Bottomless beer will be on sale for $20 a cup. Contact Kathy Vissar to reserve a flea market space for a small fee: [email protected] To volunteer for set-up or clean-up, contact Janet Finegar at [email protected]

Check out the lineup!

The Lineup

4:30-5:00 The Gallerists

5:15-5:45 The Parsnip Revolt

6:00-6:30 Medea

6:45-7:15 56 Men

7:30-8:00 ERX

8:15-8:45 The Really Cooks

9:00-9:30 Chalk and the Beige Americans

9:45-10:15 Astronaut Your Planet

[image via NLNA]



Weekend To-Do: Northern Liberties Neighborhood Clean-Up!

Want an instant fresh and feel-good start to your weekend? How about a bit of spring cleaning with your neighbors? Join some familiar faces along with students and teachers from Bodine High School for the Northern Liberties Clean-Up on Saturday, April 13 from 9am to 1pm.  The Meetup and lunch will both be held at Liberty Lands Park. You can sleep in and go to brunch any other weekend, so don't miss this chance to bond with your community and make the streets of Northern Liberties sparkle.

Pre-register (not necessary but helpful) with Quality of Life Coordinator Lara Kelly at [email protected].

Check out some spring cleanup tips from our own Stephanie Somers below:


Special AVI Meeting in Northern Liberties!

PrintWe're feeling pretty passionate about this year's AVI (Actual Value Initiative) plan. Have questions or concerns of your own? This Thursday, March 14th, the NLNA invites you to a special community meeting on AVI with Council President Darrell Clarke,  Councilman Mark Squilla, and reps from OPA (Office of Property Assessment) and BRT (Board of Revision of Taxes). The meeting will begin at 7pm at St. Michael’s Russian Orthodox Church (NE corner 4th & Fairmount).

Check out some of the reminders about AVI over on the NLNA page and add the meeting to your calendar.


Get Your Discounted Tickets! Winterfest 2013

Save the date! The family-friendly Winterfest is back at North Bowl! This event benefits the NLNA and Liberty Lands and every ticket includes food, drink, and bowling. There will also be raffle prizes donated by neighborhood businesses. Details from the NLNA:

Advance tickets are just $20 for adults, $10 for seniors (65+) and kids 11 to 18. Kids 10 and under get in free.

To reserve your tickets, just click on the above image, or CLICK HERE to go to the NLNA's home page - and then click on the "Help out by donating to the NLNA" button.

NOTE: Before completing your purchase, please write your name and a summary of your purchase by clicking on the memo field as shown: 

PayPal Memo Field  

Tickets at the Door

On the day of event, you can easily buy tickets at the door: Adults $25, Seniors and kids 11 to 18 $15. Kids 10 and under still free! 


Do Good Realtors in Philadelphia!

It is important for us to give back to the community as much as we can, especially those neighborhoods where we live, work Do Good Real Estateand play.  And where we own real estate!   It is the fabric and structure of the neighborhood associations that really help a community thrive, many of which are on shoe-string budgets.

Since 2011, we have donated 5 percent of our real estate commissions to the Northern Liberties Neighborhood Association  for those settlements (either seller or buyer) within Northern Liberties.   In 2012, we expanded that program to include properties in South Kensington

For 2013, we have proudly expanded even more the Do Good Real Estate philosophy to include the Fishtown Neighborhood Association and East Kensington.

It is our way to practice "Do Good Real Estate in Philadelphia" and be Do Good Realtors!  If you are buying or selling in Philadelphia and want to be part of the Do Good Philosophy, contact The Somers Team.  And if you are interviewing several agents, why not go with the Do Good Realtors that are giving back to your community?

Clients can also specify which not-for-profit they would like a donation to go to... we just ask for that not-for-profit to be local to support the community. 


Recycle Your Tree in 2013!

Don't toss your tree on the curb - Treecycle it! Bring your naked tree (no tinsel, ornaments, or lights) to Liberty Lands Park on January 5th.


Clearing Up the Confusion on the Homestead Exemption

In a recent article, it says the new tax property rate under AVI is tentatively projected to be 1.3% without a homestead exemption, or 1.4% with a $30,000 exemption.

Many people have been confused about what the Homestead Exemption is, and whether or not it would help or hurt them. Matt Ruben, President of the Northern Liberties Neighborhood Association, has taken the time to explain what it is and whether it will help or hurt you.

He also goes on to say “This is a separate issue from the larger problem of AVI increasing property tax bills because of large hikes in the assessed value of homes.”

Here’s Matt’s easy to understand explanation of the Homestead Exemption:

(1) What Is the Homestead Exemption?

The Homestead Exemption exempts a portion of your assessed value - currently proposed to be $30k - from taxation, if the property is your primary residence. So with the Exemption, a home valued at $100k would be taxed only on $70k of that.

(2) How Could the Exemption Be a Bad Thing?

To pay for the lost revenue from the Exemption, the City has to set the property tax rate higher than it would be if there were no Exemption. For some homes, that will mean that the increased tax rate will outweigh any savings from the Exemption.

(3) How Do I know If the Exemption Will Help or Hurt Me?

Based on the above numbers, the "tipping point" is $420,000. If your home gets assessed at $420k, your bill will be the same with or without the Exemption (see example #3, below). If your home is assessed at less than $420k, the Exemption will save you some money. If your home is assessed at more than $420k, the Exemption will cost you some extra money.

The examples below show the impact of the Exemption for assessed values that cover the range of what most Northern Liberties homeowners will see when the new assessments come out.


Examples of Tax Bills under AVI:

(1) $100k Assessment:

- 1.3%, no Homestead = tax bill $1,300

- 1.4% with Homestead = tax bill $980

- Homestead Exemption saves $320, reducing tax bill by 25%

(2) $300k Assessment:

- 1.3%, no Homestead = tax bill $3,900

- 1.4% with Homestead = tax bill $3,780

- Homestead Exemption saves $120, reducing tax bill by 3%

(3) $420k Assessment:

- 1.3%, no Homestead = tax bill $5,460

- 1.4% with Homestead = tax bill $5,460

- Homestead Exemption saves $0, neither increases nor reduces tax bill

(4) $500k Assessment:

- 1.3%, no Homestead = tax bill $6,500

- 1.4% with Homestead = tax bill $6,580

- Homestead Exemption costs an extra $80, increasing tax bill by 1.2%

(5) $800k Assessment:

- 1.3%, no Homestead = tax bill $10,400

- 1.4% with Homestead = tax bill $10,780

- Homestead Exemption costs an extra $380, increasing tax bill by 3.7%


You can also read a previous blog on this topic here.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the Homestead Exemption - did this blog post help clear up any confusion or do you still have questions?


Fall Tree Planting in Northern Liberties!

Mark your Google calendars for the Fall Community Tree Planting here in Northern Liberties on Sunday, November 11th. The NLNA will be planting 16 street trees throughout the neighborhood and 12 trees at Madison Memorial Park (Dough Boy Park at 2nd and Green Streets), and they need your help! From the NLNA:

All volunteers will meet at the NLNA Community Center Yard, 700 N. 3rd Street at 10:00 am.  Trained Tree Tenders/Planting leaders are asked to arrive by 9:30. This is a great community service opportunity for high school students!  Rain or shine.

Tell your friends and neighbors, there is something for everyone to do: join a planting team(even if you can't dig, you can cut string off the trees and help ensure they are planted straight), drive volunteers and trees;  set up and break down lunch; donate beer and other beverages.  Bring water to drink (preferably in a reusable bottle) and everything else needed to plant will be provided.

After planting, join us for lunch.  Can’t help plant? Thank your volunteer neighbors by donating something for lunch: beverages, cookies, etc.

To participate in the Fall Planting or to request a tree for Spring 2013 (deadline Friday, Oct. 26) planting, e-mail Erika at [email protected]

[image via TreePhilly]


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