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Occupy Philly – Topic of Councilmen Candidates Debate

It was interesting when I was at the WHYY sponsored debate that the very first question was how did each candidate think that Mayor Michael Nutter was handling Occupy Philly? The fact that this movement has grown so fast and created so much awareness and chatter to be the very question of this debate I found to be quite remarkable.   Whether it is what voters are interested in, I am not sure.  But it certainly is relevant for today, right now as this could go on for quite some time...

Below is the video (by the way, I was scolded for taking, why I am not sure) of each candidate's response.  For full disclosure, I was not there supporting any one candidate.  In regards to the video,  I missed the first responses of David Oh and Micheal Untermeyer.  For the narrative update, also check out the Philly Now Blog .

What is your opinion of the candidate's response?

Or the occupy movement in general?

How long should they be allowed to stay at City Hall?

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