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Tip Jar: Open House Anarchy. A Top Philadelphia Realtor Manifesto!

Open Houses. I have a love hate relationship with them. Love them when the Real Estate Market is HOT. Not so much when the Real Estate Market is not. Hosting a successful Open House in a slower market takes some creativity and admittedly a touch of anarchy. It has nothing to do with tooling amateur explosives, hacking government computers all whilst listening to the Sex Pistols (I will never admit to that!). Though, in this video I do talk about what I did differently at a recent Open House. Going against what I have been taught. Complete lawlessness! Rejecting the lessons of Brian Buffini. I proclaim Open House Anarchy! Here is my video and here is my Open House Manifesto:

1) No sign in sheet. Don't force "them" to give you a fictitious name and email like: [email protected] or [email protected]. Remember, you are a complete stranger! Would you give your personal email address to someone you did not know?

2) Don't print out the MLS sheet! Have a self branded color brochure with NO PRICE. The visitors will inevitably ask you about the price and other details. Then the ball is in your court. The door is open and they are ready to engage with you. Contrary to popular belief, anarchists are extremely giving. Give information generously.

3) Don't follow them around like a crazed stalker. True Anarchists never do this! Give them space to talk, walk, and linger at their leisure. I think they can figure out where the bathroom is and can identify a walk-in closet wen they see one. They do not need you to point out the obvious.

4) Brush up on the neighborhood and don't act like a clueless stranger. You are the neighborhood specialist, remember? There is nothing worse than your Open House visitor knowing more than you do! Identify local events happening in the neighborhood, know the best restaurants and bars, parks and cool internet cafes they might want to visit. Print out a map of the rockin' things in the area. Oh and brand all of the paperwork you give out.

5) Be ready to lead them to other Open Houses. Anarchist are leaders and are not afraid to share the love. A printed list of a variety of priced homes in the neighborhood shows you know your stuff. You care. You are on top of all Real Estate things! Your branded info and your dazzling knowledge will impress.

6) Lay your cards down on the table (literally and figuratively). Put your cards in plain view. Once you've dazzled visitors with your charming personality, knowledge of the neighborhood, chatted about the Real Estate Market, recommended a nearby brunch spot, and related to them like a HUMAN BEING (not a robot Realtor), they will want your card and they will call you.

Like I mentioned in the video, I expected a call or two after hosting that Open House and I was right! I have appointments set up as a result of the great connections I made at my Open House. Is this how all Top Philadelphia Realtors do it? Well, perhaps not, but this one does!

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