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Tip Jar: Buy a Home Warranty and Thank Me Later

A home warranty is a one-year contract that offers repair or replacement for the main systems and appliances in a home when they break or in some way fail to function.

Some people associate Home Warranties with Buying a Home or Selling a Home. But even current home owners can purchase a 1 Year Home Warranty to protect their investment while they are enjoying living there. Buying and Selling a property is not a prerequisite for purchasing a Home Warranty.

Typically when a system covered by the warranty breaks down, there is a minimal fee for service and repair or replacement is covered. As many homeowners already know, one repair or replacement of an appliance or system can potentially wipe out a good chunk of your hard earned savings in the blink of an eye.

Home warranties vary in price between $300-$500 depending on the coverage plan. The service fee is usually around $100, give or take, and the peace of mind, priceless.

We likeĀ American Home Shield, AHS, as a home warranty provider but there are many out there. If this seems like an interesting product to you we suggest you do a little research or contact us. Home Warranties have been a godsend to so many of our clients and are fantastic negotiating tools to use if you are buying or selling a home.

As usual, we hope this information is valuable to you. Pass it on to a friend!


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