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Now Serving Stumptown in Headhouse Square

Bodhi Coffee

Bodhi CoffeeBodhi CoffeeBodhi Coffee

Make your next coffee date or latte break at Bodhi Coffee in Headhouse Square. For one thing, it's situated directly across from the Farmers Market on weekends, conveniently meeting the needs of caffeine hunters with their totes of veggies.

The front of the shop bears a signature Stumptown Coffee bird placard and an outdoor table. Inside, the rear exit leads to a serene courtyard in the back, should you require a private moment or two over your first cup of the day.

You can purchase a bag of beans to brew at home, along with a Chemex or filters.  Bodhi will also do a pour-over of Chemex coffee, or your regular favorites, all made with Stumptown and a Synesso machine.  Pastries come from Artisan Boulanger in South Philly and Wildflour Bakery. Paninis and bagels are available with  local spreads.  Wood, shelving, and fixtures are all reclaimed items found in the area.  Our favorite pieces are the swivel stools at the counter.  We have a feeling we'll be sitting in them again watching some sweet milk-frothing action.


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Seeing Green at Headhouse Square

Headhouse Square Farmers Market

It was an excellent day for green produce and green tomatoes at the Headhouse Square Farmers Market this past Sunday. Shoppers plotting their dinner salads and farmers with plenty of recommendations did business along Headhouse.

Headhouse Square Farmers Market

We plan on using these green tomatoes from New Jersey's Buzby Farms (50 cents for a medium, $1.00 for a large) in place of regular reds all summer long. We're thinking sandwiches with green tomato, avocado, and pesto for a  truly green Monday lunch.

One particular line stood out, twisted with the undeniable smell of sausage. Renaissance Sausage is a new vendor at Headhouse Square this season, packing local, organic ingredients into their artfully topped sandwiches. They elevate the humble sausage sandwich to exciting, gourmand-ready heights (Asian Chicken Sausage or Vegetarian Sausage, anyone?) It's the greenest sausage truck around.

Headhouse Square Farmers Market

The Market at Headhouse is held every Saturday and Sunday from 10 am - 2 pm at the Headhouse Shambles at 2nd and Lombard Streets.


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Take the Stairs: Philly is Always a Step Ahead

Philadelphia Museum of ArtOne of the first things that many visitors do upon their arrival in Philadelphia? They run up the Art Museum steps. It may be the most famous, but it's not the only set of stairs that keep us on an upward climb. Elevators and escalators are nice, but taking the stairs is a Philadelphian's real cardio, so we put together a list of places that make for hot steppin'.

There are exactly 12 (count em) steps down to this underground bar in the Italian Market. This is truly a neighborhood bar, with free pool on Mondays and Sing Your Life Karaoke on Tuesdays, making these the steps that you want to take.

The whimsical women's clothing and housewares boutique in Rittenhouse Square has a series of grand staircases that turn a shopping trip into a tour of flowy dresses, charming trinkets, and thigh-burning exertion. Yes, you will look fantastic in that.

South Street's mosaic garden from artist Isaiah Zagar has a visually staggering set of shimmering stairs made from ceramic shards, bottles, and other items. The labyrinthine tour is an exercise in inspiration.

  • Society Hill Towers, 2nd and Locust Streets

The steps that lead up to Zahav and the Society Hill Towers are known as a shortcut to Headhouse Square and South Street.  The climb doesn't end at the top, however, because there's a steep path leading through Society Hill ahead of you.

Love Park loungers know that the curved granite steps surrounding the fountain are better for sitting and people-watching. Leave the Art Museum steps to those runner types.

  • Boyds, 1818 Chestnut St

The swank department store in Rittenhouse Square has a marvelous set to walk up - an old school marble staircase for the store that has been dressing up Philadelphia for over 70 years.


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