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Weekend Reading: Our Videos in the Inquirer!

Our own Stephanie Somers and Kris Johnson of Krispfilms were featured in this weekend's Inquirer, where they discuss our outside-of-the-box real estate video strategy, as well as what to do when your four-legged friends don't show up for the video shoot.  Check it out to find out why we believe in spicing up listing videos and how we combine real estate with the Philadelphia lifestyle. And if you'd like to see the actual videos, you can find them all on our Youtube Channel or view the reel below of our favorites. Happy watching!

Video stars: Real estate and style


Chris Somers Shares Social Media Tips in ABOVE Magazine

Check out our own Chris Somers in the Fall 2012 Issue of ABOVE magazine, Remax's quarterly.  For the article, Chris was asked to discuss social media strategy and a tech-savvy image. Thanks to Remax for a fun feature, and click here to read ABOVE in full for more tips of the trade.


Money Motivates – 3 Tips You Can Bank On (Video)

Money Motivates:  3 Tips You Can Bank On (Video)

I recently had the opportunity to speak in front of 300 Insurance Adjusters, thanks to an invitation by Dr Mike.  I met Dr Mike aka @drmikempa on Twitter and from there that is where he invited me to speak at the conference.  He asked me to share my experience of success and motivation as a business owner and independent contractor for both The Somers and REMAX Access.

The 3 main tips/topics that I went over in detail were:

  1. It is a Numbers Game
  2. Do Not Step Over Dollars to Pick Up Dimes
  3. ABC:  Always Be Closing

Here is the video:

      If you would like to contact me for a speaking engagement, email me at [email protected]

See you on Twitter! How to Connect with the Somers Team


Chris Somers shows you how easy it is to connect with the Somers Team on Twitter and which accounts you should follow now @phillyrealty and @thesomersteam!


Insights from Agent Reboot New York City 2012

In hearing my friend Chris Smith give an opening presentation at Agent Reboot, he reminded everyone that it is still People First in our business.  Sure there is amazing technology, new gadgets and gizmos that we all want - the latest iPad, iPhone, apps and whatnot, but at the end of the day, the question is how much business are you doing and how many people are you actually connecting with?  Chris gave an example of a question that came up on the new hot Facebook group "What Should I Spend My Money On?"  where a recent technology-related question generated well over 250 comments.  However, when another question came up related to "Strategy", very few comments came up at all.  Which in my mind, is kinda backwards thinking.  So, getting back to basics, the acronym that was suggested was POST (people, opportunities, strategy, technologies).

Chris Smith at Agent RebootPOST






 And to notice that technology is last.  The agent of tomorrow will be ahead of the curve of course with technology, but at the same time will be connecting with the most people, seizing on all opportunities and have a defined strategy for 2012 and beyond.

Another analogy that was stated was to be armed with the "Ready Aim Fire" strategy in your business instead of the off-the-cuff or impulsive "Fire Aim Ready"

A super synopis that goes into more detail of Agent Reboot New York City that day was an article written by Andrea Brambila (this is a must readReal Estate Marketing - Strategy First, then Technology.

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Video Slideshow of NYC and #agentrb


Got Scalped at Agent Reboot!

Agent Reboot
For those of you who do not know what Agent Reboot is, it’s a gathering of Real Estate and industry professionals who use social media and Internet stuff. It’s a crash course in the most current trends in technology and applications for entrepreneurs like Chris and I. We go every year.

This year, there was a lot of scalping going on at Agent Reboot in NYC. I am not talking about an onslaught of savage haircuts. And NO. I am not referring to snagging tickets from some seedy guy in a trench coat. Although, I guess anything is possible in NY, that s not what I am referring to.

What I am saying is that there were a huge number of Agent Reboot attendees showing their SCALPS during the presentations in NYC. Yeah. The tops of their heads! Side parts, bed heads, bald heads, big heads, and most shocking of all, Chris Smith's head!! (see image rock Chris but put the hair gel down!) I think you will get the picture.

Chris Smith Agent Reboot Inman


Agent reboot live Tweets

As I was saying...Heads were down! But don’t get the wrong message here. Scalps availed in every row but NOT because the speakers sucked or the info was mind-blowingly dull. On the contrary, it was awesome! I saw scalps because the attendees were texting, typing, and tweeting like mad all through the presentations. Tweeting Live. Blogging Live. How cool is that?

In the past seeing an audience full of scalps may have implied you were a dull as a doorknob. if people were not making eye contact then that was a sure sign, the show was over. Today, seeing a person’s scalp is pretty much as important as seeing their eyes. It is no longer an insult when you are speaking to a group and you see some heads are down. It’s cool. It's a compliment and it is a sign of the times. If they like what you say they'll tweet it, blog it, and post it for all to see. People want to share what is happening “Right Now”.

The preferred medium for communication has changed dramatically over the years. Technology is paving the way. With a few clicks your photo or video can be seen by a huge audience. For consumers, people like you and me, we love receiving info through our social venues like Facebook and Twitter. We like our info captured live. And, most of all, the info must be relevant.

Therefore, next time you are in the audience and you like what you hear, feel free to Look Down and Scalp Them! Oh and PLEASE...Don’t forget to use your Head & Shoulders!

That was a dandruff joke guys!

Too flaky?


An Opportunity to Speak at GPAR on Blogging and Social Media

I want to thank the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors ( GPAR ) for asking me to speak this past week on blogging and social media. When I was asked if I would speak on the subjects to my colleagues, I accepted immediately as I knew it was an opportunity to give back. Of course I was a little nervous in that there are a lot of smart Realtors out there doing the social media thing. I certainly did not want to flop or be a disappointment to GPAR or the folks that took the time to show up.

Then I found out it was 2 separate topics, blogging was one topic and social media another, each topic being an hour long. 2 hours is a long time to speak in a structured fashion ! So I had some planning and preparation to do which I took head on. There is SO much to talk about that some conferences go on for 3 days with these subjects.You vs Your Competition


The big picture is that I believe there is a huge opportunity for those Realtorswho want to build their brand on the Internet through blogging and social media. Especially in Philadelphia since there are not many real estate bloggers utilizing new media. With the huge growth of mobile and video and the web, it is important for Realtors to stay ahead of the curve to be able to communicate with their customers and clients on these platforms and to be able to market listings with enhanced Internet Marketing skills to give sellers that necessary additional exposure that they need and want to get their properties sold.

Looking back about four years ago, I was just starting to blog myself on Active Rain ! It is amazing how much things can take off with hard work, goal setting, consistency and a strong mind set ! In the crowd there were a lot of potential new bloggers. I gave them some examples of changing business models that are inspiring for Realtors (and any entrepreneur) looking to be innovative and bold:


Amazon vs Borders

Netflix vs Blockbuster

Yelp vs Zagat

You vs Your Competition

It is up to YOU !!!


Tip Jar: Zip Up and Toilet Seat Down

Today's Tip is for sellers and homeowners:

Keep the toilet seat down!

Toilet seats that are up are equivalent to having your fly down. It is not pretty. Especially when it is caught on camera.  If you frequently film properties for YouTube listings, you  already know how crucial it is to remember to do the "Seat Down Check" prior to shooting the bathrooms.

Do this for open houses, when guests come over, for photos for your listing, preparation for a showing. It's so common to forget about this one little detail, but it really does make any bathroom look much more appealing.

So remember, folks...The seat must be down and your zipper must be up!


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