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What $165K Can Buy You in Pennsport


51dd3cb1960df97adb002228Curious how far your money will go when it comes to buying your dream home? We like getting as much bang for our buck as you do. Here's what $165K can buy you in Pennsport:

$165,000: 529 Greenwich Street - Welcome to this charming Pennsport 2 bedroom home. The property has great curb appeal with original cornice and a solid brick facade. Enter in through the vestibule where the open living and dining room offers plenty of space for furnishings and a formal dining room area. The kitchen is open to the main living area. The open peek through also serves ad a large breakfast bar. The kitchen has tile floors, all appliances included, and access to a rear patio fenced in yard large enough for a grill and table. The basement has plenty of room for storage and is where the front load washer and dryer is located. The second floor has a nice sized hall bath and 2 spacious bedrooms with ample closet space. This home has gas cooking and heat as well as central air. We welcome your visit and inquiries.

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Candid Video: The Somers & Their Buyer Tour South Philly Home For Sale

It was a sizzling late afternoon in Philadelphia when we met up with first time home buyer, Kristen. We set out on a journey to find a property that she could call her own. We had already shown Kristen what her budget of $150,000 would get her in the neighborhood of Fishtown. Kristen, like many buyers, could afford a higher mortgage but wanted to stay under budget just to be safe.  So, after our exploration of Fishtown where she saw a home she really liked, she was ready for round 2. We headed to South Philadelphia, in the neighborhood of Graduate Hospital, where a similarly priced 2 bedroom was waiting for us.  With our mini camcorder in hand, and our client Kristen, being ready, willing, and very cool (I might add), let us shoot some candid footage of her tour of this Graduate Hospital home. We were curious to find out what our first time buyer's impression would be.

Would Kristen be wooed by Graduate Hospital's proximity to Rittenhouse Square and the subway?

How would the Fishtown property compare?

We were curious to find out what our first time buyer's impression would be.

Are you a first timer? Get in touch. And don't forget to stop by our first time home buyer's session to find out if you qualify for a grant to help with buying costs.


What’s up with…Pennsport

Homes in Pennsport

Pennsport lies below Queen Village in South Philadelphia. It is home to the Mummers Museum and is close to many shopping centers on Columbus Boulevard. Its proximity to Washington Avenue provides convenient access to the Italian Market and Queen Village/South Street area.

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Getting to Know Pennsport

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Getting to Know Pennsport

Where is Pennsport and what is going on there? Ask around and you will find that not many people are quite sure. Most can tell you that it's the place to go watch the Mummers Parade.

Pennsport is one of the Philadelphia subdivisions that are considered an "up and coming" neighborhood. Located just south of Queen Village from Washington Avenue to Snyder Avenue and between south 4th Street and the Delaware River, Pennsport is a fantastic area with a ton of history as a port town.

Today I decided to get an inside perspective from one of Pennsport's residents, Denise Lopez. Denise and her husband Pat Lopez and their 3 beautiful children have been living in the area for about 15 years. So, I consider her an authority and a good source into what life is really like in Pennsport.

Me: Give it to me straight, Denise. What is your favorite thing about living in Pennsport?

Denise Lopez of Pennsport

Denise: First, I really enjoy the convenience most of all. I can go shopping for the family, pop onto I-95 with ease, go to Jersey in a snap, and enjoy Center City because it is all so close to our house. My second favorite thing about living in Pennsport is that there was a variety of schools for me to choose from for my kids. I had 3 picks including public school, parochial school and a charter school. Plus there are great local art and music programs. That is important to me.

Me: So, where do you go to just hang out in the neighborhood?

Denise: Well, I like the three local spots. Witch, Valentinos, and Ugly American. With names like those, who can resist? They are fantastic spots and all in walking distance from our home. My family enjoys the park at south 2nd and Reed. It is a "spray park" and the kids love it in the summer.

Me: Is there anything else you can think of that you believe is worth sharing with folks who are not familiar with Pennsport?

Denise: Yes. The great thing about this area is that there is a new wave of folks moving in. I volunteer at the library at Snyder and south 2nd Street. I see a lot of new faces. It is exciting. People can find a great starter home here or something a little more expensive and the best part of it, it works! It is a really tight South Philadelphia neighborhood.

Living here is great because we are so close to the Delaware River. We see every fireworks display, special event, and music venue featured at Penns Landing. The Mummers actually dance down my street every New Year and the Mummers Museum is right here in Pennsport at south 2nd and Washington Avenue. The Italian Market is a must see for everyone, even tourists. It is located at 9th and Washington and it is an amazing experience for people who have never been to our outside market.

It really is a great place to live.

Me: Wow! Thanks for sharing all of that with me Denise. I know I appreciate it and I am sure those people who are looking to learn more about Pennsport will find your thoughts extremely insightful.

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