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A Lot in Need of Love! 1214 N 4th Street

Valentine's Day is on the way and everybody just wants to be loved - especially this lonesome lot at 1214 N 4th Street. It just needs a little love and care. This promising opportunity for an investor or developer is just waiting to be subdivided into two lots.

Currently 18X100, street-to-street from 4th St to Leithgow, with a super width and great location in rapidly developing Kensington South, just a stone's throw from Northern Liberties. Great comps for new construction in the area. Or a super opportunity to hold a vacant lot for the future.

At a price you can get cozy with...$99,900.  Contact the Somers Team for more information.


See you on Twitter! How to Connect with the Somers Team


Chris Somers shows you how easy it is to connect with the Somers Team on Twitter and which accounts you should follow now @phillyrealty and @thesomersteam!


Score Free Tickets to the Philadelphia Home Show!

Don't miss out on the 2012 Philadelphia Home Show, which runs until January 22nd. The first 15 people to email [email protected] will get two free tickets each! Just email your first and last name and pick up your tickets at Remax Access at 1033 N 2nd Street here in Northern Liberties. Enjoy!


Tip Jar: To Sell or To Rent Your Property in 2012? Ask Stephanie!

To Sell or Rent Your Property in 2012. That is the Question asked by Stephanie Somers.

Stephanie lets us take a peek of how she goes about determining the best strategy for her client. Stephanie is hands on and actually visits a home in Brewerytown.

This property is currently rented. The exterior 3 story home has a lot of original charm but has been greatly neglected as evidenced by the peeling paint and overall facade. After viewing the interior Stephanie explains that this 4 bedroom one bath home with tons of original details needs a lot of work. After going back to the office and crunching the numbers Stephanie comes to a conclusion. Market Value says it may be best for her client to rent the property for another year and reevaluate the market stats next year. Selling the home for a profit may not be possible in this market for this property.

What will you do with your home in 2012? Our tip? Ask Stephanie!


Another Shot at Arrow Swim Club?

Is it too early to think about lounging by the pool? We hear that Arrow Swim Club at the Piazza in Northern Liberties will be under new management this summer. According to PhillyChitChat, the new hands belong to Brian Nagele, founder and president of Cities 2 Night and operating, as well as owner of King's Oak in the Piazza.

Will the membership price change? What type of pool parties and entertainment can you expect from a nightlife aficionado? We'll keep you posted on all things poolside here in Northern Liberties, as it's the only thing that's going to get us through this brisk winter weather.

Some background on Arrow Swim Club:

Adult Entertainment that is Hot and Wet

Arrow Swim Club Takes a Cue from Crystal Lake for Friday the 13th


Will Arrow Swim Club Hit its Target?

Hancock Street Turns into Margaritaville for Cinco de Mayo Block Party

Arrow Swim Club: We’re There.


Insights from Agent Reboot New York City 2012

In hearing my friend Chris Smith give an opening presentation at Agent Reboot, he reminded everyone that it is still People First in our business.  Sure there is amazing technology, new gadgets and gizmos that we all want - the latest iPad, iPhone, apps and whatnot, but at the end of the day, the question is how much business are you doing and how many people are you actually connecting with?  Chris gave an example of a question that came up on the new hot Facebook group "What Should I Spend My Money On?"  where a recent technology-related question generated well over 250 comments.  However, when another question came up related to "Strategy", very few comments came up at all.  Which in my mind, is kinda backwards thinking.  So, getting back to basics, the acronym that was suggested was POST (people, opportunities, strategy, technologies).

Chris Smith at Agent RebootPOST






 And to notice that technology is last.  The agent of tomorrow will be ahead of the curve of course with technology, but at the same time will be connecting with the most people, seizing on all opportunities and have a defined strategy for 2012 and beyond.

Another analogy that was stated was to be armed with the "Ready Aim Fire" strategy in your business instead of the off-the-cuff or impulsive "Fire Aim Ready"

A super synopis that goes into more detail of Agent Reboot New York City that day was an article written by Andrea Brambila (this is a must readReal Estate Marketing - Strategy First, then Technology.

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Relisted and it Feels So Good: 901 N Penn St R1905

901 N Penn St, R1905 is back on the market! Priced to please at $275,000.

This Waterfront Square Condo offers luxurious waterfront living with 19th floor views. For sale is a stunning corner 1 bedroom 1 bath that can be sold fully furnished. With 1 car deeded parking and concierge service, you can spoil yourself at the indoor pool or on the exterior riverfront deck. Spa and gym are also at your fingertips every day. Live the inspired life and at a completely affordable price at unit 1905 in the The Regatta Tower just past The Light House building at Riverfront Square in Philadelphia. We welcome your visit.

Contact the Somers Team for a showing. 


Tip Jar: 2 Sweat Free Tips to Personal & Home Improvement

I have two sweat-free activities you can do in Philadelphia that will shape you up and beautify your home. That's right. You can improve your self and your home simultaneously! How, you ask? By tapping into the Creative Right Side of your brain, that's how! This winter, rather than hibernating like a bear, embrace your inner artist and get inspired through homemade art and home design.

Make Art
This month try taking an art class such as painting, ceramics, knitting or photography at the Philly Art Center. Your personal creations will be real live works of art. Hang or display your artwork in a prominent room in your home and watch how it totally transforms your space! There is nothing more fabulous than real live art.

Visit the Show
Did you know that January 14th is the first day of the Philadelphia Home Show? This event is a real opportunity to feed the mind not the belly.  Go to this event and embrace your HGTV & DIY inner child. "Get inspired. Get educated. Get started."

So get off the couch and exercise the Right Side of your brain! Try these two sweat-free Tips to Personal & Home Improvement in Philadelphia.

[image from Philadelphia Home Show]


Video Slideshow of NYC and #agentrb


Got Scalped at Agent Reboot!

Agent Reboot
For those of you who do not know what Agent Reboot is, it’s a gathering of Real Estate and industry professionals who use social media and Internet stuff. It’s a crash course in the most current trends in technology and applications for entrepreneurs like Chris and I. We go every year.

This year, there was a lot of scalping going on at Agent Reboot in NYC. I am not talking about an onslaught of savage haircuts. And NO. I am not referring to snagging tickets from some seedy guy in a trench coat. Although, I guess anything is possible in NY, that s not what I am referring to.

What I am saying is that there were a huge number of Agent Reboot attendees showing their SCALPS during the presentations in NYC. Yeah. The tops of their heads! Side parts, bed heads, bald heads, big heads, and most shocking of all, Chris Smith's head!! (see image rock Chris but put the hair gel down!) I think you will get the picture.

Chris Smith Agent Reboot Inman


Agent reboot live Tweets

As I was saying...Heads were down! But don’t get the wrong message here. Scalps availed in every row but NOT because the speakers sucked or the info was mind-blowingly dull. On the contrary, it was awesome! I saw scalps because the attendees were texting, typing, and tweeting like mad all through the presentations. Tweeting Live. Blogging Live. How cool is that?

In the past seeing an audience full of scalps may have implied you were a dull as a doorknob. if people were not making eye contact then that was a sure sign, the show was over. Today, seeing a person’s scalp is pretty much as important as seeing their eyes. It is no longer an insult when you are speaking to a group and you see some heads are down. It’s cool. It's a compliment and it is a sign of the times. If they like what you say they'll tweet it, blog it, and post it for all to see. People want to share what is happening “Right Now”.

The preferred medium for communication has changed dramatically over the years. Technology is paving the way. With a few clicks your photo or video can be seen by a huge audience. For consumers, people like you and me, we love receiving info through our social venues like Facebook and Twitter. We like our info captured live. And, most of all, the info must be relevant.

Therefore, next time you are in the audience and you like what you hear, feel free to Look Down and Scalp Them! Oh and PLEASE...Don’t forget to use your Head & Shoulders!

That was a dandruff joke guys!

Too flaky?


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