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Fresh Address: 201 N 8th St 508

This is Where It's At: Welcome to 201 N 8th Street at the Metro Club just off of Washington Square in Center City East. There's a little bit of hustle and bustle outside, with the lush beautiful square just steps away! Close to Le Pain Quotidien, Starbucks, Talula's Garden, and much more...

Come On In: This is luxurious  living in Philadelphia. This very large and bright 2 bedroom property with views of the city includes deeded parking, pool, gym and concierge appointed building. Hardwood floors, marble bath, open floor plan and elevator access to all floors. This condo is all on one level. Electric utilities and cooking.

Ready to show! Contact the Somers Team for more information.


Short Winter? Short Sale in Overbrook

Who says short isn't good? We'll take a short winter here in Philadelphia and while we're at it, why not a season of super hot short sales?

Take this short sale in Overbrook, for example...905 Kenmare Road is a 3 bedroom, 1 and 1/2 bath 2-story home for sale at a warming price of $99,900. Located in the desirable Overbook neighborhood, this home is on a beautiful tree-lined street. The property has a small front yard for gardening and a front porch, as well as a large cement rear yard. The home includes all appliances, a bonus freezer in the basement, and a storage shed in the yard. There hav been some renovations in the home such as a new kitchen with solid wood cabinets, tile floor and upgraded bathroom vanities in both the upper level bath and the basement powder room. Original refinished hardwood floors throughout. There is a newer hot water heater. BILCO doors lead from the yard to the basement. Basement is finished. Home shows well. Some finishing work is needed.

Come check it out! Contact the Somers Team for more information.



Don’t You Know Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M.?

Nothing Good Happens After 2 amIn a year that is already sparked by tremendous violence and crime and with the City of Philadelphia having the highest homicide rate in the Country, one of our City Council folks is proposing a bill that would let bars stay open an additional hour to help fund the ailing Philadelphia school district.  Can you imagine Old City, Manayunk, Center City and Northern Liberties bars open another hour? What about those bars in the poorer neighborhoods? What do you think is going to happen in those neighborhoods?  How is this proposal really going to impact the citizens of Philadelphia?


As I am writing this, there is a fundraiser for Kevin Neary at North Bowl who was shot in the back of the neck and paralyzed as he was walking back home around 2:00am from Monday Night Football and shot just a few feet from his doorsteps in Northern Liberties.  The criminal was quoted as saying "I had nothing better to do."  By having bars open an extra hour, that would only increase chaos, crime and murder in our City.

I find this proposal extremely insensitive by Councilwomen Blondell Reynolds Brown.  This is the same Councilwomen who Blondell Reynolds Brownproposed and passed the "illegal and discriminatory" Lead Base Paint Bill and her main thrust behind that bill would be potentially saving just one life of one child from Lead Base Paint.  Well, I can see easily more than one life lost with this bill in the first 30 days.  The evidence is overwhelming.

And if the bill did pass, would Ms Brown experience any disruption where she lived?  Of course not, because she lives at 2408 N 52nd St in a 5,168 square foot single home in Wynnefield where there are no bars in sight!   She is relaxing in bed with no disruptions at 10:00 pm.

Last year, to aid the ailing school district, property taxes were raised along with bridge tolls and parking fees.  We almost had the sugar tax.  I think more importantly the question has to be what is going on internally with the Philadelphia School District?  Why was Arlene Ackerman given so much money as a salary?  And then even more money to leave?  Why is this Institution being run into the ground?

For heavens sake Ms. Brown, there are many other ways to raise revenue.  The focus has to be on the crime first before there is any sort of consideration of having bars stay open later.  Don't you know nothing good happens after 2am?  To be that insensitive to our community and our citizens is simply an outrage!  Just last week there was another senseless murder when Kevin Kless was beat to death in Old City for hailing a taxi cab.   Kevin was only 23 years old!  And YOU, Ms. Brown, want to increase the risk to our youth by having bars stay open another hour?  That sounds like hypocrisy to me!   So listen up and listen good Ms. Brown. Instead of self righteously proclaiming that you are "for the children", you might want to remember that you are supposed to be a City Council person for all of the people in the City of Philadelphia. You are a civil servant!

Act like it.


Not-so-happy-hour:  Proposal to keep Philly bars open to benefit schools draws fire



Tip Jar: Have a Bad Day

Success does not exist without the SUCK. So our tip to you: Embrace those bad days! They are going to happen.

When did it become a belief that success comes easy? It does not. It requires hard work, hard knocks, and sometimes a hard head to finally see the fruits of success. Success without the suck just does not exist.  We've all see the billboard...Bill Gates started Microsoft in a recession! That's what I am talking about. To achieve success you have to not only deal with moments of suckiness but also see the opportunity in that sucky moment.

Let me put it like this, sometimes you just have to cry through slicing that smelly onion to get the sumptuous flavor in your recipe!

I challenge you all to work through the SUCK to claim your SUCCESS.

Speaking of some well-earned success, congratulations to REMAX ACCESS in Northern Liberties, Philly for coming in at number 3 for the entire City of Philadelphia for total number of transactions (properties sold) in 2011. What a great year! Everyone simply kicked butt.


Meet Your Neighbors: Bloom in Northern Liberties

Welcome to Bloom in Northern Liberties. This boutique is one of my favorites for women's apparel, jewelry, accessories, and gifts. I love shopping here. The girls who work here are beautiful and know their stuff. Their selections are unique and you won't be wearing the same clothing that all the other girls are wearing, plus, they have one of a kind jewelry that really lets you make that personal fashion statement. Trust me girls, you'll love this place! So, if you are ever in the neighborhood shopping, you must make it a point to visit Bloom at 1001 N 2nd Street in The Piazza at Suite 20, just across the walk from the renowned PYT, home of Tommy Up. Only in Northern Liberties. See you there!


What is a Turnkey Property? Stephanie Somers Explains…

Come take a ride with Stephanie Somers and she'll explain what a turnkey property is, along with a peek at a ready-to-rock property for short sale in Northern Liberties.

Any questions? Ask Stephanie!


Tip Jar: To Sell or To Rent Your Property in 2012? Ask Stephanie!


Where Do Presidential Candidates Stand on Housing?

Where does your favorite candidate stand on housing issues?  This Zillow post breaks it down, from Obama's plan to eliminate Mortgage Interest Deduction for the "rich" to Romney's position that "the right course is to let the markets work." The graph, from Zillow:






























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Fresh Address: 732 N Terrace Street Short Sale!

This week's Fresh Address is an incredible Short Sale Opportunity.

This is Where It's At: 732 N Terrace Street, A is a quaint Northern Liberties studio nestled in a parklike setting in a gated community.

Come On In: This turn key property is rented at $850 a month. This studio includes a refrigerator, dishwasher, and a coin operated laundry in the basement. Little to no upkeep. Condo fees covers heat, gas cooking and water.

$75,000 is a steal! We welcome your visit. Contact the Somers Team for more information.


Swab for a Cure at Busybee Homestore & Design Center

Come out to Busybee Homestore & Design Center on 734 South Street on Saturday, January 28th to swab for a cure and potentially save a life. All you have to do? The process involves a simple swab of the cheek. Finding a match is like finding a needle in a haystack, and owner Anna Powers (who was diagnosed with leukemia 11 years ago and is currently in remission) hopes that Saturday's drive will help find at least one! In addition, 25% of the store's sales will be donated to DKMS Americas, the world's largest bone marrow donor center.


Money Motivates – 3 Tips You Can Bank On (Video)

Money Motivates:  3 Tips You Can Bank On (Video)

I recently had the opportunity to speak in front of 300 Insurance Adjusters, thanks to an invitation by Dr Mike.  I met Dr Mike aka @drmikempa on Twitter and from there that is where he invited me to speak at the conference.  He asked me to share my experience of success and motivation as a business owner and independent contractor for both The Somers and REMAX Access.

The 3 main tips/topics that I went over in detail were:

  1. It is a Numbers Game
  2. Do Not Step Over Dollars to Pick Up Dimes
  3. ABC:  Always Be Closing

Here is the video:

      If you would like to contact me for a speaking engagement, email me at [email protected]

Phone: 215.253.6818