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2012 Predictions from The Somers – Obama will be reelected President

It is that time again to make bold predictions as  2012 is right around the corner!  So let's just get right into it!

1.  Barack Obama will be reelected as President of the United States.                                     2012 Predictions from The Somers

2.  Mitt Romney will be the GOP candidate.

3.  The United States economy will see improvement each quarter in 2012 (which bodes well for the Obama prediction).

4.  The turnaround story for 2012 is Housing.

5.  Republicans will gain seats in the Senate and the House.

6.  The Stock Market (all three indexes DOW, S&P and NASDAQ) will see double digit gains.

7.  Congress will continue to look like idiots being in gridlock on every issue.

8.  Mortgage rates will remain low but will finally start to trend up the second half of the year.

9.  The Green Bay Packers lose in the Super Bowl to whoever they play in the AFC.

10.  The 76ers lose in the first round of the playoffs again.

11.  The Philadelphia Phillies win another World Series.

12.  Carl Greene ends up in jail for solicitation.

13.  The Occupy movement is quickly forgotten (no more mic-checks!)

14.  Philadelphia real estate heats up locally, especially fringe areas as the first time home-buyer drives the market.

15.  REMAX Access continues to take market share from its competitors in Philadelphia.

What are your predictions?

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