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Is Blondell Reynolds-Brown Full of Lead?

Blondell Reynolds-Brown introduced a bill that will require landlords to pass a lead-base paint inspection test before being able to lease their property.  As both a Realtor, an owner of a real estate office and a landlord of twelve properties, I find this bill to be ridiculous and unnecessary.   If anything, I would question the motives of  her campaign contributions and who would benefit from this bill and why it was introduced in the first place.

As a Realtor and Owner of RE/MAX Access, I have personally been involved with thousands of settlements where people Is Blondell Reynolds-Brown Full of Lead?have purchased homes all over the City of Philadelphia.  In not one instance, have I ever seen one person test for lead base paint.  If a buyer is not going to test for lead base paint and is paying anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000 for their new home, why are we forcing this upon landlords?  The purchasor obviously did not see the benefit and it is obvious why.  The majority of properties have been painted 10 times over if not more since 1978!!!!! 

As an investor, all of my properties are completely rehabbed and updated.  When I have a tenant move-out, I typically have the place repainted again.  Why in the world would I need to call someone from the City to inspect a property for lead-base paint and pay them some fee - which will probably be expensive - walk in and out of my property - every time I have to rent it out?  It makes no sense!!!  And this is the case with the majority of investors!  And then there will be the logistics of having to schedule and meet with someone - always a pain in the neck.  And who will be conducting these tests?  Another nightmare.

Most importantly, there will be the unintended consenquences if this bill gets passed.   The real estate market is on fragile ground as it is.  It is being supported by investors!  With more regulation and red-tape, some investors just might say screw it and not buy any more properties in the City.  Or other investors might just decide to sell.  If this bill is passed, what will be next?  A radon inspection by the City?  A termite inspection?  A made-up inspection by the City?  We cannot afford a slow-down in this real estate market.  If anything, we need incentives for folks to purchase, not penalties that make no sense.

What is most laughable is that the only properties where this might make an iota of sense is Section 8 properties since rent is subsidized by the City of Philadelphia.  I found out yesterday that these properties are exempt as well as PHA homes.  Hypocrisy at its best!  Let's just do a money grab of the landlords, right, Mrs. Blondell Reynolds-Brown!  My suggestion is stay in "education" or get more educated about real estate before introducing any bills in real estate and do not mask bills "for the children" when they are more in line with something else.  When in reality, they may have something to do with your Ethics violations and this settlement agreement as a result.

So yes, I believe this bill is full of lead.  As is Blondell Reynolds-Brown.

If it passes, it would be a loss for the real estate market.  And outright tragic for common sense.  We do not need money-grabs from the City of Philadelphia.  We need incentives for investors to buy properties and provide quality products for housing.  And we need people on City Council to "Get It".

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  1. i think you are correct in 2 items here it should only need tested once, hopefully the mandate will allow a tester of your choosing and it does need to be on pha and section 8 as well because those are most likely to have cut corners and use substandard materials. but not legally available does not mean not available. it wasnt that long ago china inundated our kids toys and pet food with lead. this needed to happen.

  2. Children? Whose Children? MS. BRB???? I would love to hear your explanation for how this is going to benefit the children???? Last time i checked (and tasted) lead based paint is not sold anywhere in town. And if the PARENTS of the CHILDREN paid attention and tended to their CHILDREN they wouldn’t be chewing on windowsills. Let’s draft a bill on how we can EDUCATE the PARENTS of these CHILDREN on the pros and cons of chewing on windowsills. How ridiculous. Why don’t you channel your energy into something more productive, like the real problems in the world, unemployment, no health insurance, the school district,homelessness, drugs, bullying, etc. Something that pertains to the real world. If you need help, let me know. I know plenty of people who would be more than happy to give you some direction.

  3. Philly desperately needs smart forward-thinking people to make it a great city NOT a bunch of neanderthals with ‘special connections’ in power. We need change and NOW!

  4. Update -Lead bill unanimousl​y passed committee

  5. Bryan – I agree. One of the many unintended consequences is that the real estate market will take a hit. Why invest in Philadelphia and deal with all the added b* when you can invest in Bucks, Delco or Mont County ? And of course some folks will just sell their properties. Not to mention, that investor will hike tenants rents. What good will that do?

  6. a waste of taxpayers dollars trying to institute a regulation against the people that do more positive for this city than most. it really is a shame if this goes through. The real estate market will take a big hit, prices will plummet for multi units, and I for one will purchase elsewhere from now on. It’s already tough enough in this city as a small business (Real estate agents and investors are small business’s) , but now to add this on top could have a crippling effect.

  7. Jeff – Thanks for your input. It is great to hear the insight of a mortgage professional for the last 20 years or so. I think another good name for Ms Blondell Reynolds-Brown as a result of proposing this bill is “lead-head” . Everything about this bill simply makes no sense. I am about to go down to City Hall now to get permits to begin work on 2 properties that I just bought. I take a lot of pride in providing quality housing for the few properties that I lease out. And I have a good reputation as do the clients I work with. For the points I mention in the blog, everything about this bill simply make no sense whatsoever. We simply need more qualified people in City Council, that would be the better solution.

  8. Chris, I am all about protecting the home owner or the renter from such things as lead base paint. A few things…. first off, I wouldn’t have a problem if you had to do it once and only once. Many mortgages companies, especially if bought under FHA, this is mandatory. But that’s besides the point. Who is going to perform these tasks, the inspections? The city, having their people do it. Better said, those on their payroll? I say, allow for it once and allow the landlord choose, someone certified.

    As you stated, why would this have to be done everytime the property is rented out again. It shouldn’t matter if you repaint the property. Lead base paint is illegal and is not sold anymore… LOL This part of the gov’t, the bill, stating that it would need to be inspected every time a new tenant… Big BS… it’s politics like this that tick me off, lining the pockets of others, just to make a dime, when the cost is not necessart, bogus.

    Lastly, as you stated…. why are section 8 homes and PHA homes exempt… That is double BS.. seriously, if lead paint is dangerous, what kind of message is Reynolds-Brown sending. These kind of political rules are a joke, hence why this country is a mess. Protecting those and their pockets, and taking away from those that actually are the ones rebuilding a city or town or neighborhood. Investors should be given a break, because without them, things would be 3 times worse right now. She needs a quick class on basic math and economics. Thanks, Jeff

  9. Thanks. Please spread it. I will be down at City Hall at 1:00 for today’s hearing with the committee. It should be a packed house. I agree that folks should be calling her office to complain. At some point, we just need to say “no more” .

  10. Great article.. I am so sick of these people in Government making up these B.S. laws with hidden agendas that only benefit themselves – they make absolutely no sense! It’s has to stop and it’s getting very frustrating.

    This article needs to be spread all over with the phone number for her office so that people can flood her office with complaints!

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