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A Foodie’s Dream Kitchen at 233 Brown Street (For Rent)!

Who wouldn't want to cook every night in this beautiful kitchen? Rent this delicious 3 story home located in a quaint European Courtyard setting in Northern Liberties for $2,200 a month.

The eat-in kitchen impresses with antiqued tin backsplash, expertly polished granite, stone flooring, and gourmet stainless appliances. As the dinner party rolls on, head to the family room, which is a fantastic size for hanging out and entertaining. The 2nd and 3rd floor suites have private luxury bathrooms and 2 spacious bedrooms with plenty of natural light and ample closet space.

This is a must-see home for rent in Northern Liberties. Especially now that you have a brand new Superfresh grocery store a few blocks away! Also coincidentally located a couple of doors down from our favorite gastropub, N 3rd.

Schedule your tour with the Somers Team today!


End of Summer Deals!

Click on the properties to see our super low end-of-summer prices in Fishtown, Northern Liberties, and South Philadelphia.

Get in touch with the Somers Team for more information. 


Fall Trends: Fringe, Live Arts, and Oddball Venues

It wouldn't be fall in Philadelphia without the Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe shows that take over the city each year. Like many of Philly's on-the-fringe neighborhoods, you're always in for a surprise and there's something for everyone. We've walked out of performances delighted, inspired, or simply scratching our heads, but we always walk away from this feast of the senses ready for the next act.

Since many of the events do take place in the fringe neighborhoods (Kensington, Fishtown, Northern Liberties), one thing we love about the Festival is the venues! The Festival has always chosen unique performance spaces and this year is no different:

-A former pumping station across from Race Street Pier will host a free installation called Zon-Mai, a house of screens 20 feet high and wide that will show projected dancers.

-Three Philadelphia yoga studios will host Yoga Stories.

-The Penthouse at the Residences at Two Liberty Place will be the setting for Big Star California.

-One of our favorite spaces in Old Kensington, the Mass Building, will be showing BREW from BodyFields Performance Collective.

Get your tickets and plan your schedule for the Festival which runs from Sept. 2-17 throughout the city. We hope to see you out here on the fringe!


Fringe is Back for Fall


Fresh Address: 1903 N 2nd Street

What would you do with 4 Bedrooms? Today's Fresh Address is ideal for families or those with home offices/studios searching for the ultimate space for the right price. At $175,000, including a full basement and large yard, this is a huge break!

This is Where It's At:  This 4 Bedroom 3 Bath 3-Story Home is in Old Kensington on N 2nd Street, an artist's enclave that is just a few blocks away from Fishtown and the Market-Frankford Line to Center City. If you work downtown, you'll be there in minutes. Also a very bike-friendly neighborhood. Nearby coffeeshops, the Soup Kitchen Cafe, and Frankford Avenue Arts Corridor.

Come On In: 1903 N 2nd Street is a rehabbed home offers many unique and desired features such as an open first floor layout with hard wood floors, exposed brick and natural light. The kitchen has a breakfast bar for extra seating. There are poured concrete counters, ample cabinetry and access to a large rear yard. This home has central air and a full unfinished basement. The upper level offers large rooms, remodeled baths and room for guests or roommates.

 We welcome your visit. All offers will be considered. Get in touch with the Somers Team for more information. 

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Fall’s Must See Property Lineup

The dog days of summer are almost over, everyone is back from vacation, and houses are ready to show! No matter what you're looking for this fall, there's something for every taste and we put together a quick guide for you. Contact us to book a tour today and let's get this show on the road.

Property to Catch: 860 Reserve, premieres in September

Neighborhood: Northern Liberties

Who Should Watch: Families will love it, Privacy-Seekers in need of a retreat

Why You Should Tune In: This sprawling luxury new construction 4 Bedroom 4 Bath Home will keep you on the edge of your seat. With over 3,000 Sq Ft of living space, 2 car parking in a private driveway,  3 decks, and a high end kitchen ready for dramatic family dinners, the story lines seem never-ending.

Property to Catch: Levesque Flats

Neighborhood: Fishtown

Who Should Watch: Students, eco-savvy urbanites

Why You Should Tune In: Could Levesque Flats be the new Dawson's Creek? These LEED-platinum rentals at 204-206 E. Girard Avenue are for the romantics out there who look brightly towards the future. There are four apartments available starting at $1,150, now casting.

Property to Catch: 1520 W Thompson Street

Neighborhood: Templetown, North Philadelphia

Who Should Watch: Investors, Temple University students, commuters to Center City

Why You Should Tune In: This original Solar 3 Bedroom Home (one of the first in Philly!) has been made over for its fall debut. Think Home Improvement-meets-SyFy Channel.  Instant geek chic favorite.

Property to Catch: 828 N Hancock Street, 3D

Neighborhood: Northern Liberties

Who Should Watch: Social Butterflies

Why You Should Tune In: This 2 Bedroom Luxury Condo is centered in an active community close to neighborhood pubs with a gourmet beer and sandwich shop just below it. Fellow residents make up the Hancock Beautification Project responsible for street cleanups and a street sculpture. There's always something going on in this lively, artsy neighborhood, so if you're into the social scene and don't mind some fun gossip...don't miss it!

Property to Catch: 1903 N 2nd Street

Neighborhood: Old Kensington

Who Should Watch:  Families, Creative Types

Why You Should Tune In: This 4 Bedroom Home with a large rear yard is calling for the next cast of Friends and maybe a pet or two to fill its large rooms. We love the fun interior and exposed brick walls. Add it to your watchlist!

Get in touch with the Somers Team for more information.


Message from the NLNA: Please Help Clear Sewer Drains Before Saturday Night!

From the NLNA, please spread the word:

As everyone knows, our area likely will feel effects from Hurricane Irene Saturday evening and Sunday. Hopefully they will be modest, but high winds and very heavy rains are possible.

Flooding from overloaded storm drains is a major risk for Philadelphia - parts of NL in particular.

So please - take a quick walk around your block.
If you see leaves, trash or other debris blocking storm drains or gathered along the curb where water normally runs down towards the drain - please take a few moments and clear the debris away.

You'll be doing a great service to yourself and your neighbors.

Also, call 311 to report any seriously blocked drains. (We are notifying our Water Dept. contacts as well.)

In addition, especially if you're new to the neighborhood, be aware that the 200 block of Wildey St. and nearby blocks (900 block of Bodine; 300 block of Saint John Neumann; southern end of 1000 block of N. 3rd) are low-lying areas that have historically been prone to flooding in extreme situations.

Stay safe, folks!


Superfresh in Northern Liberties is Now Open!

"This will be an anchor for the neighborhood," Bart Blatstein announced this morning at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Superfresh at the Shops at Schmidts in Northern Liberties. "A neighborhood is not complete without a supermarket."

The 51,000 square foot market on the second level at 180 West Girard Avenue opened in full force this morning with welcoming staff sourced from the neighborhood, Mayor Nutter, and Bart Blatstein. And of course, long-waiting customers who were excited to finally have access to fresh produce, a vast selection of items, and a pharmacy.

Get on over there and fill up a cart! We are so proud to welcome Superfresh to the neighborhood as one of the many conveniences and highlights of living in Northern Liberties.


Tip Jar: Increase Your Home’s Value!

Today's tip comes from an appraiser with 25 years of experience.

Increase your home's value and marketability! But only if it pays.

According to Jim Dougherty from James Dougherty Appraisers, "Everyone understands that if they install a new kitchen or bath, their home value will increase.  But will the increased value cover or exceed the cost of the new improvement?  Typically, the answer is no.  Major renovations should only be completed if the homeowner plans to stay in the house for at least four years, so that they can capture the benefit/enjoyment of the upgrade.  If a home has a serious defect or functional inadequacy (very old inadequate kitchen, very old inadequate bath, leaking roof, old, inadequate heater such as a coal conversion or gravity system, etc), the homeowner may want to replace that component as it will significantly increase their home’s marketability and they may even increase the value to the point that the cost to cure was offset."

Some of Dougherty's tips on how to increase the value of the home?

1. Fix the flooring. "Old, worn, soiled, or outdated flooring is a real turn off in the marketplace and a signal to a buyer that the seller may not have taken good care of the property.  Often, installing new modest flooring will increase the value above the cost of the new flooring install.  There are many flooring outfits, including Home Depot, that will do the install interest-free for six months."

2. Paint it yourself! "Just like beat floors, when a home has dirty walls, ceilings, and millwork, it is a turn off and a signal to a buyer that the seller did not take care of the property.  Nothing has a higher cost benefit than fresh paint, assuming it is done well and completed by the homeowner.  While a professional painter no doubt will do a better job than most homeowners, they will also eat up the accrued value increase."

3. Listen to us! "Lastly, people, you need to listen and heed the advice of people like Stephanie and Chris.  When they ask you to tighten the hinges on some cabinets, re-paint a room, plane a door, remove clutter, etc, etc, etc, do it.  In order to maximize your sale price, you need as few defects as possible."

Visit James Dougherty Appraisers for more information.


Shake Your Tailfeather at Ploome in Liberties Walk

ploome liberties walkThe fitness scene here in Philadelphia offers something for literally every body. Here in Northern Liberties alone, there are yoga studios, boxing gyms, martial arts centers, full service gyms, and pilates-inspired classes. You might see people hula hooping in the Piazza. If you're in the mood to try rock climbing, well, there's a spot for that, too.

Yes, we're a fit neighborhood, and we're always ready to welcome a new movement center into the mix.

We're feeling hot right now for Ploome in Liberties Walk,  a movement arts boutique for birds of a different feather: Twisted Pilates, Burning Man Prep School, Fan Dancing, and Channeling Jane Fonda Barre are just a few of the classes on the action-packed schedule. On Sundays, fruit and champagne are served and costumes are encouraged for discounted classes.  So whether you want a serious workout, a fun outside-of-the-box release, or the right balance of both, Ploome will get you going.

Founder Christina Stoltz showed us around and gave Stephanie a run-through on the pilates machines at her cool new studio.

"I hate exercising but Pilates seems to be my calling. Christina at Ploome really knows her stuff. She is patient, knowledgeable and passionate," says Stephanie.

Check out the schedule here and we hope to see you in a class!


Murals Suck! Let’s Hear it for the Mural Haters!

Murals Suck? Umm... Really?

I suppose the same people who think murals suck also hate puppies and ice cream, too (the allergic and lactose intolerant excluded, of course).

Wondering who would say that? Well apparently there are a few Philadelphia neighbors who have their panties in a ruffle over the murals popping up in the city. The two most recent murals that have caught some flack are the new mural at the Bodine High School and a mosaic led by the renowned artist Isaiah Zagar. This post over at Plan Philly asks if Philadelphia is suffering from "mural fatigue".

I suppose I have to give credit to the Mural Haters for sticking up for their opinions. Just because their sentiment is not popular does not mean they are not entitled to express their dissatisfaction. And come to think of it, I suppose if I dig deep and get honest with myself, I might be getting a little bored of the pretty flowers and swirly designs painted on every blank wall and wooden fence in the city.

But when it comes right down to it, it sure beats looking at a cement wall. I'm curious. What are your favorite or most hated murals in Philly?

Here are a few that I'll never tire of looking at:

Bar Ferdinand in Northern Liberties

Union Trust Parking Lot

Lehigh between Aramingo and Frankford Ave in "Fishington"



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