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Who Wants Brain Freeze? Water Ice Factory for Sale

Who wants BRAIN FREEZE ?

Water Ice For Sale...

Actually it is a water ice factory for sale in Port Richmond.  And while it's tough to even think about water ice right now -- BRRRRRRRR! -- spring is just around the corner. Or so they say :  )

So if you've been looking for a COOL (pun intended) established business with a large commercial kitchen, or you've always wanted to own an ice cream or water ice shop, we've got the scoop...

Just think of the Winter Water Ice flavors you can dream up...

Hot Cocoa
Cayenne Pepper
Flaming Rum
Winter Green
Hot Tamale Cinnamon
Spicy Ginger

What HOT new flavor would you come up with if you owned this store?

(This 2,800 sq ft commercial property has large fenced in bay providing great off street parking, 2 separate food areas, office and full bathroom with shower. Fully staffed with long standing employees, this is truly a turnkey operation. Perfect opportunity for caterers, lunch truck operators, or anyone in the food industry. Will qualify for SBA financing. Owner will train and support new owner.)

Please contact Ryan Schaffer for more information: 267-226-1924, [email protected]


Singing the Song and Dancing the Dance

Singing the Song and Dancing the Dance

Have you noticed that every week there is a NEW pundit on TV asking the same OLD question, "Is now a good time to buy real estate or not?" And have you noticed that there are countless articles in print and even more online asking the same exact question? I think you may know my answer to that tired old question and to support my belief, I saw a very interesting article this week on Trulia indicating that it now it is cheaper to buy versus rent in most cities in the United States! Philadelphia is one of those cities.

Ok. Ok. I know what you are thinking. I am a Realtor®. Trulia is a Real Estate website. We have an agenda. We can spin the data and manipulate the numbers to say anything we want. Perhaps you are right, but, for those of you who know me and Stephanie, we have a pretty good sense of the market. We have been blogging about this Hot Real Estate Market for the last 2 years and echoing the same positive message - prices are attractive, interest rates are low, buyers have many properties to choose from and so forth... in essence YES! IT IS A GOOD TIME TO BUY!

For those of you who are already in a recently purchased home, you may be wondering, where am I going with this article? I want to share with you what we are doing right now. Stephanie and I don't just "talk the talk". We "walk the walk". In fact, lately we have been singing the song and dancing the dance. Thus, last week, we settled on another property in Old Kensington. Notice I said ANOTHER property hence we personally have been buying homes as investments. We believe that the "buy and rent" strategy that we adopted for the most recent property we purchased is just an example of what many of you might be interested in exploring. Some of the benefits of investing and the attributes we look for in an investment property are listed below.

  • Tremendous cost basis on the purchase price or in simple terms- Great Price
  • Terrific cash flow- meaning the rent income will be greater than the mortgage
  • It is real- we can touch it, drive by it, manage it, improve it, versus intangible investments like in the stock market
  • We are improving the community that we love
  • We will be providing housing which is something that we take pride in
  • Our investment will appreciate since we buy in up-and-coming areas of Philadelphia.
  • Retirement planning through real estate (if we hold the property for 20 years) as the property will be paid off and we can potentially live off this property's income in addition to other real estate assets. Not to mention the equity that will be in the property as well.

So our opinion of the Philadelphia Real Estate market is no secret and as Jim Cramer says on "Mad Money", "BUY BUY BUY"!!!! But before you jump onto the dance floor with both feet, it is important to have a qualified dance instructor to teach you "the moves". Get a trusted adviser who knows the market and your goals, evaluate the property, the contracts, and make sure the numbers make sense etc.. That is good advice for anyone, whether you are buying as a primary residence or an investment.

Stephanie and I thought it would be good to share our thoughts on investing in Real Estate in hopes that some of you, who perhaps never considered it, may want to explore the possibilities. Admittedly, we may not be the best dancers in the world but but we know Real Estate. And speaking of bad dancers, we found another bad dancer with a message of inspiration.


Valentine’s Day Red Cross Blood Drive in Northern Liberties

Hey, Northern Liberties? When's the last time you donated blood???

Hyperion Bank is celebrating Valentine’s Day in a truly heartfelt way this year.  The Bank will be hosting an American Red Cross Blood Drive on Monday, February 14th from 9 am to 3 pm at the Bank’s headquarters location at 199 W. Girard Avenue (2nd & Girard).

So get over there! If you're a healthy individual at least 16 years of age (with parental consent), 110 lbs or more, and in general good health, please make an appointment at and enter Sponsor Code:  14826.

If you would like more information please contact Suzanne Mooney at 216-789-4198 at Hyperion Bank or phone the American Red Cross at 1-800-GIVE-LIFE.


Young, Broke, and Beautiful… Meet Convenient, Cheap, and Fabulous!

We'll admit, we were a little confused when a discount goods store opened in Northern Liberties, which is known for its art galleries and boutiques. It's hard to find anything under five bucks these days, especially in our neighborhood. Can Young, Broke, and Beautiful Appreciate Convenient, Cheap, and Fabulous?

Five to One...and Then Some has proved useful a million times over for us since then, and we're glad to have it right there on 2nd St., for all of those last-minute needs.  Whenever we're having a party or wrapping a gift, we stop in for cards, ribbon, bags, paper plates and napkins, and other items, and of course, we always save money doing so!

It helps that the owners of the store, Cheryl Leuzzi and Jean Squitiere are probably the nicest women alive.  Walking into the store feels inviting and walking out feels like you just bought something from your best friend.

"We were both paralegals and loved this area. We actually found the spot on a Craigslist ad," says Squitiere.

Why a discount goods store?

"In a recession we felt that people wanted to feel like they were getting good prices. And we both love to shop!" she adds. Squitiere lives in the Northeast and Leuzzi resides in South Philly.

Here is just a small list of some handy items that Five to One carries:

holiday accessories
birthday stuff
wrapping paper
kitchen utensils
picnic goods
hair brushes
hair adornments
note paper
and so much more!

Five to One and Then Some
707 N. 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Tues - Fri:10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sat:10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Who Needs Vermont? Ski Mount Piazza!

Who needs Vermont. Us Philadelphians can just ski Mount Piazza. Don't believe me? Take a peek of this live action video where the most talented local athletes, ski dudes, and snowboarders show off their moves at Radio 104.5's Winter Jam. This video compilation even features a guest appearance of yours truly (moi) on the 5th floor balcony of my office at Remax Access. Another reason to love Philadelphia, especially Northern Liberties!


Radio 104.5 Winter Jam At The Piazza At Schmidts: January 29th from 12-5PM


If You Had to Sacrifice One Thing, What Would it Be ?

If you had to sacrifice one thing, what would it be...



Let me rephrase that question:

If you had to make a choice between going a day without water or going a day without Internet connectivity, which would you choose?

Today I was faced with NO CHOICE. Chris and I woke up to discover that all of the water pressure in our building was gone. We used whatever residual water that was remaining in our pipes to make 1 pot of coffee (thank God). Now we have nothing ! No flushing, no showering, no doing dishes, no refilling the cat's water bowl, zip, nada, zero, nothing !!

But I am okay. Really I am. I can make do with wet wipes, mouthwash, paper plates, and the one bottle of water that has been sitting half consumed in our refrigerator.  But if the Internet were down for even a few minutes ??  I would have absolutely lost my mind! I honestly do not think I would be able to make it for a few hours let alone a full day!

I cannot exist without: Food - Water - Shelter and yes, I admit it....


What has happened to me? Have I completely snapped? Has Internet connectivity infiltrated one of life's necessities?

Am I the only one? What can't you live without?


It’s Big. Real Big. The Big Catch in Fishtown.

Hey there, Big Dreamer. We've got a big catch for ya.

We're talking about 1346 E. Columbia in Fishtown. This is what they call larger living, with over 2,000 square feet and 3 floors, 3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths. The endless space continues with an open layout, a full basement, and a large backyard. This BIG home has a BIG kitchen with plenty of granite counter space and BIG kitchen cabinets to match... all of which  transform this space into the biggest catch in Fishtown.

We hope you have lots of furniture.

Please contact the Somers Team for more information.


3 Bedroom Home for Sale in Fishtown, Philadelphia – Just Like a New Construction Home!


Leave the Burbs and Keep the Garage!

Leave the burbs, keep the garage, and enjoy the vibrant city lifestyle. New home, great garage, and all of that can be found in one of the most up and coming neighborhoods in Philadelphia. We are talking about 2568-70 Collins Street in Fishtown and we are loving the garage features for these 2 homes!

We know that garages rock, and how rare they are in an urban setting. So, in case you've been looking...check out our Collins Street garages.

Keep your car safe in the city. Warm in the winter, cool in the summer, never scrape ice or snow, never again bring in soggy groceries...

Triple your capacity to store all kinds of useless things - you know you want to.

Party overflow? No problem...toss some sawdust on the floor, bring in the keg, and set up a table for peanuts and pretzels.

No car? Convert it into an actual room - let your hobbies drive you.

What would you do with a garage?

Please contact the Somers Team for more information.


PBC Tour in Fishtown: A Closer Look at 2568-70 Collins Street

PBC Tour in Fishtown: Pretzels, Beer, and Collins Street


3 Bedroom Condo for Sale in Old City, Philadelphia – Gorgeous Historic Exterior with Modern Interior Beauty

309 N 3rd Street, Unit B

View Photo Gallery

Rarely offered 3 bedroom 2 bath condo in a boutique condominium of three for sale in Old City, Philadelphia. Gorgeous, historic exterior with modern interior beauty in Old City.

309 N 3rd St

New hardwood floors throughout, modern and clean lines everywhere. The first floor offers high ceilings and gorgeous custom kitchen boasting stainless steel Electrolux appliances. The living room is spacious with extra tall windows. The first floor also has ample space to make a dining area or could be used for entertainment purposes. Main floor also includes full bath and bedroom which could be used as a study or guest room with balcony!

The second floor has a spacious master bedroom with balcony and walk in closet hallway that leads to bathroom. Several areas on 2nd floor which could be used as office and or library. Additional bedroom faces west with huge windows and generous closet space. This condo comes with new high efficiency large scale washer/dryer combo. 7 plus years left on tax abatement.

We welcome your visit to this 3 bedroom condo for sale in Old City, Philadelphia.

For more information contact:

Daniel Sandoval - 215-200-6287

[email protected]

The Somers Team of Philadelphia


Remax Access, Northern Liberties


2 Bedroom Home for Sale in Parkside, Philadelphia – Renovated Home Great for Investors/1st Time Buyers

4226 W Thompson Street

View Photo Gallery

4226 W Thompson StreetThis 2 bedroom home for sale in Parkside is an excellent opportunity for a first time home owner. This property has recently been renovated and offers:

  • Updated kitchen and bathroom
  • All brand new carpets
  • Fresh Paint
  • HUGE layout
  • Front sunroom

The first floor is a straight thru layout with a beautiful working fire place and open kitchen. Just off the kitchen you will find a very large backyard. The upstairs was converted to two extremely large bedrooms and a nice sized bathroom.

We welcome your visit to this 2 bedroom home for sale in Parkside, Philadelphia.

For more information and to schedule your tour contact:

Sean Dundon – [email protected] or 215-888-1994

The Somers Team of Philadelphia


Remax Access, Northern Liberties


Phone: 215.253.6818