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Meet (Or Should We Say Meat?) Your Burgerdelphia Contestants

BurgerdelphiaPart of the Piazza's Philadelphia Restaurant Weekend, PYT rounded up a bunch of hungry Philadelphians to battle for burger glory at tomorrow's Burgerdelphia Burger-Eating Contest. We noticed a couple of things about the competitors - 1. There are a lot of DJs who claim they can eat like champs. 2. Is there really a 9-year-old going up against them, and if so, can we have her autograph? and 3.  Many of the competitors call themselves skinny. This could get interesting. Which one will win the PYT Burgerdelphia Trophy, $250 Cash & $100 PYT Gift Certificate? Here they are, in their own words:

Eric Duong is a local Asian. He likes to breakdance, absolutely loves cheese and thinks he will win Burgerdelphia because he is really hungry all the time.

Leon Sonkin is a local dubstep dj/promoter. He likes hockey, cats, and has been watching Man Vs Food religiously in preparation for his victorious reign as Burgerdelphia champion.

Dave Wood hates the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies more than world hunger. He once ate 18 cuts of pizza at dinner just for fun so burgerdelphia should be a walk in the park!

Malcolm Conway lives and dies for the Green Bay Packers and the Philadelphia Phillies, but hates competitor Dave Wood. Burgerdelphia should be no problem because he ate the South Street Heart Attack for an appetizer before his meal one night.

Katherine Stavniychuk says, "I am a pretty Russian girl with green eyes who loves me some MEAT!! I am 5'6" with shoulder length brown hair. I love love love burgers! and i love a challenge! would love to win and show everyone that a regular girl can eat lots of burgers too!"

DJ Sega is a local & national DJ legend, signed with Diplo's mad Decent Records & Old Head records. He is skinny, but he is hungry. He says, "This isn't a game anymore. This isn't funny."

Scotty Buck is a local nightlife and softball legend. he says, "Because I eat there 5 times a week and just feels like the right thing to do."

Jackson Galka: I'm one of those freakishly awkward skinny kids that can house large amounts of food in one sitting. It's all fun and games, but at the same time I take it seriously and I'm out to win.

David Jaffe is a local architectural engineer. Most people think his year long sabbatical from the industry has been due to the economy but a select few know it has been to train for Burgerdelphia with a strict regimen of burgers and whiskey.

Matt Gdowik is the champion of over 10 eating championships, and the creator and destroyer of the Summer of 1000 beers. He is also known as Silly Buddha.

Matty Mccone is a local house dj. loves dogs and playing music to relax. and believes he will win burgerdelphia due to the fact that being the skinny guy doesnt mean you cant beat the fat guy in a eating contest..... and he's here to prove it.

Ava-Lauren Weber is a local 9 year old girl. She says, "I'm nine and ate the pounder at cheeburger cheeburger and would love to participate in something like that again! let us know and my dad will take me on saturday - thanks!!! i live in old city philadelphia and LOVE PYT and so do my parents!"


GeoSimPhilly: Our City in 3D

GeoSimPhillyWe checked out GeoSimPhilly to see if there were any neat features that Philadelphians might find useful. Described as an "accurate 3D city model, capable of providing a genuine life simulation of the physical streets, buildings and urban landscape with the "look and feel" of a real city", GeoSimPhilly is a map that represents Philly very true to form. We dig the City Planning feature, which allows you to see what Philadelphia could look like in years to come. You can download and have a peek for yourself at the GeoSimPhilly website.

[photo: GeoSimPhilly]


7 Things to Do in Busy Northern Liberties This Weekend

Restaurant WeekendClose your eyes and pick one. Open your eyes and do them all. Do not leave town. Philadelphia is everything you asked it to be this weekend, especially in Northern Liberties.


Philebrity's The Songs that Saved your Life - Philebrity strongly encourages the over-3o set to come out to their no-cover, rollicking one-timer of your favorite songs tonight at the Barbary. But as long as you recognize the songs, we say, go for it. Fine music has no age.


The Piazza Farmer's Market - Start off with good intentions.

Philadelphia Restaurant Weekend - Eat. Drink. Repeat. Why go anywhere when so many vendors are coming to you? Also check out Harry from Darling's Diner for a cheesecake baking demo.

Burgerdelphia, PYT's Burger-Eating Contest - You're full. Now go watch burger heads gorge themselves for glory in the Piazza.

NLNA Plant Sale - Take a break and head over to the NLNA Community Center to buy a plant from 9 am - 1 pm.

Greenable Fashion Show - See Otto Defey's line before anyone else at Greenable HQ.


SundayOUT at the Piazza - National Same-Sex Commitment Ceremonies at the Piazza and RENT star Anthony Rapp? Philadelphia is awesome.

Philadelphia Restaurant Weekend - You could check out Philadelphia Restaurant Weekend on Sunday, too.

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Celebrating World Dance Day: We Call This the Northern Liberties Slide

945 Dance Movement Collective showed up in the Piazza in Northern Liberties yesterday and proved that yes, it is the city's most interesting outdoor dance floor. Representatives from the collective had people moving in different sections of the Piazza, for an array of dance styles being taught simultaneously. Later, some performers hit the stage to entertain the crowd.


Cafe La Maude Energizing North 4th Street in Northern Liberties

4th Street Northern Liberties

The 800 block of North 4th Street in Northern Liberties is a continually flourishing neighborhood stretch. With the bustling brunching action at Honey's Sit n Eat expanding onto the sidewalk, the bursts of blooming flora and fauna outside of City Planter, and the eco-design happenings on the scene at Greenable/Greensaw, what else could this block possibly need? Why not a cafe with the windows drawn open, allowing the sunlight and street scene pour onto the french-style tables? Cafe La Maude is North 4th Street's newest inspiration.

With La Colombe coffee and a variety of lattes on the menu, plus decadent-looking in-house pastries baked by a former Le Bec Fin pastry whiz, we were told that salads and sandwiches will also be added soon. The cafe itself has a charming interior with marble tabletops and lots of handsome wood. Lookin' good, North 4th Street.

4th Street Northern Liberties
Cafe La Maude

Cafe La Maude

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Greenable Plots Fashion Show in Northern Liberties


It’s Dining Out For Life Day…Make a Reservation!

Dining Out for LifeA few weeks ago we told you about Dining Out for Life in Philadelphia and since there are over 200 restaurants participating, there could still be a table with your name on it. Check the list and know that a third of the restaurants proceeds tonight are going towards HIV/AIDS services in our region. You really can do something great simply by dining out tonight.


Dinner Out Again in Philadelphia? Dine Out for Life


Greenable Plots Fashion Show in Northern Liberties

Otto Defey Spring Collection

Philly designer Otto Defey has chosen Arcadia Boutique as the exclusive retailer for their Spring Collection.  The garments, which range from tunic dresses to silky summer tops, will launch at the Northern Liberties eco-boutique on Wednesday, May 5, from 5-9 pm. Ahem, it's not just Cinco de Mayo.

But, you don't have to wait until then to scope the entire line.

This Saturday, May 1st, Greenable and Greensaw's first ever fashion show will debut Otto Defey at Greenable's studio on 820 North 4th Street. The building design and supply company is a great resource for green building materials in the Philadelphia area, so we're curious about what their own stomping grounds look like.  But most of all, we're wondering about Philly's green fashion thumb. The 7 pm show requires an RSVP to [email protected] Also showing work are Millesime and Moko. Greenable has also teased that they are opening an outdoor organic market starting in June outside of their studio.

The phrase "nothing to wear" shall be hereby banished from the mouths of Northern Libertarians.

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What’s up with…Brewerytown

BrewerytownThe neighborhood of Brewerytown extends from the Schuylkill River to 25th Street in North Philadelphia. Historically, Brewerytown was the site of numerous breweries, particularly during the 1800's when it had more breweries than most areas in the state.

Brewerytown 's West Girard Avenue corridor is the site of many new businesses, newly-constructed homes, art galleries, and retail spaces. Along it you'll find a record store, plenty of soul food restaurants, and easy access to Northern Liberties and Fishtown via the Route 15 trolley. It's also a quick walk to the Art Museum and Fairmount.

Mugshots Coffeehouse (pictured below) will open a second location here, and already runs a successful shop in nearby Fairmount. It will strive to be a community hub of local food, fair trade coffee, and arts events. Renowned artist Shepard Fairey recently completed a wheatpaste mural, adding a little more street sass to the ongoing arts movement in Brewerytown.

Mugshots II

Shepard Fairey Mural

View Larger Map

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The City of Murals Gets Two More from Renowned Artist


Outdoor Furniture for the Ultimate Urban Retreat

Many of the Philadelphia properties that we list come with backyards, patios, balconies, and decks, all waiting for the right owner to come along and put their personal touch on an outdoor urban oasis. When we show these places, it always helps to have patio furniture, plants, and other outdoor amenities to truly show off the possibilities - so that a potential buyer can envision future barbecues, sultry evenings of relaxation, and a cup of coffee while reading the paper (or their iPads) on the balcony. There are several ways to get the vibe you're going for and plenty of well-designed pieces to give your patio some personality.

Oscar PlantersBask Sun Lounger

This Fishtown colonial-style single on Belgrade Street has a roof deck that has lots of room to work with.  We'd put a Bask Sun Lounger out there, along with some  Oscar Planters and a Julep Rocker and a Formosa Orange Tray Table for drinks.  We think the gray and orange color scheme definitely adds some color to the deck. All items are available at CB2.

Igloo Chair

We were so in love with the Igloo Chair that we had to find someplace where it could work. Zipping through our listings once again, we saw it fit best on a cement floor. Both an East Albert Street listing and an East Firth Street property that has been newly cemented seemed like prime candidates for this retro-mod chair. Complete the look with an Alpha Sculpture in the back as an art detail and you are Fishtown-forward.

But what of the ultra-sleek Sparky Firepit?  We needed a fireproof outdoor surface and this large Aramingo Avenue yard caught our eye. Imagine sitting around this on breezy nights with a bunch of friends? It could be the ultimate housewarming gift.

Sparky Firepit

Then we started scoping out some balcony furniture that would be perfect for Waterfront Square's exterior glass balcony.  At Design Within Reach, we found some illuminated planters to light up the night with energy-efficient bulbs, and the Sol y Luna Armless Lounge Chair, an adaption from a 1954 design by Dan Johnson.

Illuminated PlantersSol y Luna Armless Lounge Chair

What if you have a long, narrow balcony, like this Lawrence Street condo? The Prince Aha Stool or the Deneb Teak Stool work well as a side table or a seating option.

For local outdoor furniture, we also like Terrain at Styers in Glen Mills, which brings out the nature-lover in shoppers with a variety of planters, bird fountains, and lots of recycled and vintage-style furniture for your outside needs.

Prince Aha Stool

[Image credits: CB2 and Design Within Reach]


A Week of Competitive-Eating Contests in Philadelphia

pyt burgerThere are two contests this week that may entice you.

One is the Cupcake Eating Contest at Flying Monkey Patisserie in Reading Terminal Market. It takes place tomorrow, and while it's too late to enter, the eight competitors may inspire you for next time and we think it'll be a lot of fun to watch. It starts at noon and whoever consumes the most cupcakes in three minutes is champion and winner of one cupcake per day per year. Not a bad deal. Costumes are strongly encouraged.

There's still time to enter Burgerdelphia, PYT's Burger Eating Contest that will take place in the Piazza on Saturday during Philadelphia Restaurant Weekend. It'll all go down on the Piazza stage at noon. Find out how many burgers a Philadelphia can eat in five minutes for some burger nerd prizes:

Grand Prize: $250 Cash, $100 PYT Gift Certificate & "Burgerdelphia Championship Trophy"
2nd Place: $$100 PYT Gift Certificate
3rd Place: $50 PYT Gift Certificate

To sign up, let them know in 50 words or less why you should be one of the 10 contestants (contestants will be notified this week):


Have a Taste of Philly at Philadelphia Restaurant Weekend


Phone: 215.253.6818