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More Valentine’s Specials in the City of Love

Valentine's Day in Liberties Walk and the Piazza is just heating up. Keeping in mind all of the Romancing the Walk specials that we wrote about last week, now we have some new additions to the menu.

At Bar Ferdinand, check out the "Dia de Valentino" $30 prix fixe brunch or the $65 & $75 prix fixe dinner menu. The offerings are posted on their website.

Darling's Diner will be selling heart-shaped cheesecakes in personal or full sizes. Try the Belgian Chocolate Mousse variety if you really want to woo somebody. They'll also host a Lovers Brunch and Lovers Dinner.

What happens when over 100 Philadelphia artists decide to celebrate Valentine's Day? The Group Heart Show at Jinxed/Toothless Cat Gallery in the Piazza on February 13. If you're the card-buying type, there's no shame in choosing one here, because there will be custom Valentines from each artist. Check out the list at Jinxed Philadelphia.

And if you're looking for something even less common, the Louella Press folks at Pressed 55 present the Letterpress Voodoo Kit. Pick one up now at Pressed 55 in the Piazza, 1050 N. Hancock Street.

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